Some Up: Sept 20th – 26th

Article: ‘Necessary for security’: veteran Taliban enforcer says amputations will resume (The Guardian)

As Afghanistan falls deeper under Taliban rule, the horrifying realities of what life will look like become more even more clear.

This is a twenty year tragedy unfolding. I cannot imagine how the citizens, especially the most vulnerable, and the most outspoken, are handling this transition.

Opinion: The PPC Got More Than 800,000 Votes, And That Should Worry All Of Us (Chatelaine)

My friend’s back of the napkin math (he’s smarter than I could ever hope to be so I’m inclined to believe him on this) says that if we were to do proportional representation, with votes like these, the PPC would have taken 17 seats in our current election.

This rapid rise in support of this dog-whistle far right party is so frightening, it makes me absolutely distressed for the future of our country. We need to keep talking about the rise of far right extremism and extremist politics.

Article: COVID-19 has killed as many Americans as the Spanish flu (Global News)

Another grim milestone in this ongoing pandemic.

There is this unique method to encouraging vaccinations, (but honestly, I do have some hesitations about this sort of approach)

Article: Melania Trump said ‘no’ when given chance to call for peace on January 6, sources say (CNN)

Honestly, I just cannot fathom this level of disinterest in the face of the violence on January 6th. Horrible. She has demonstrated absolutely no qualities or actions becoming of a First Lady.

Article: Michael Kovrig and Michael Spavor: After 1,020 days imprisoned in China, the two detainees arrive home in Canada (The Globe and Mail)

I am so pleased for these men and their families – I cannot imagine how it feels to come home after 1020 days. At the same time, I am trepidatious about what this means about our country’s future relationship with China.

Article: The Man Whose Heroism Inspired ‘Hotel Rwanda’ Is Convicted On Terrorism Charges (NPR)

The ongoing history of the tragedy in Rwanda continues to this day. I cannot pretend that I am an expert, but this country’s history is still volatile.

This episode of FrontBurner provides an excellent overview of the situation.

Article: Pennsylvania school district reverses ban on books by authors of colour (The Guardian)

I do understand wanting to review titles for appropriateness, but if the entire list of titles to review are authors of colour or content about people of colour, you have to question your methodology.

You can keep up with Canada’s response to literary censorship at Freedom to Read Week. Fight for access to information!

Article: Our workplaces don’t work for people with disabilities (The Varsity)

This first person perspective of living and working with a disability is so important to hear.

Article: Pablo Escobar’s Hippo Herd Is Treating Colombia’s Lakes Like One Big Toilet (Atlas Obscura)

Who had former drug lord’s hippos pooping up a lake on their 2021-can’t-get-any-weirder bingo board?

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