Some Up: Oct 4th-10th

Article: French Catholic church expresses ‘shame’ after report finds 330,000 children were abused (The Guardian)

The scale of this assault is staggering, I cannot imagine the ongoing devastation that this has left behind for the families and their communities.

Podcast: The Eastman Memo (What Trump Can Teach is About Con Law)

If you thought you didn’t have enough to keep you up at night, this will scare you into a respectable three AM anxiety attack.

Article: WHO greenlights the world’s first malaria vaccine — but it’s not a perfect shot (NPR)

The first malaria vaccine ever – it’s amazing what doors this opens to preventing future infections of this disease. Even though it’s only about 30% effective, this is such an important first step.

Article: Zodiac Killer identified, linked to sixth murder, cold-case squad claims (New York Post)

Finally an end to this cold case!

Article: I was Brian Sinclair’s doctor. I understand how our health care system failed him (Globe and Mail)

Sinclair’s history is so utterly heartbreaking, and he is by no means the only tragedy of an indigenous person in our healthcare system.

Documentary: The Eyes of Tammy Faye (2000)

Narrated by RuPaul, this excellent documentary provided the basis for the excellent movie of the same name. Seeing Tammy Faye’s true personality truly demonstrates her humanity and kindness.

Article: William Shatner, 90, is headed to space with Audrey Powers on Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin mission (CNN)

To boldly go!

Article/Podcast: ‘The stories will be the last thing to go’: Robert Munsch on his legacy as one of Canada’s great storytellers (The Next Chapter)

Get your tissues. This may be Munsch’s final interview, and it is a moving one.

Article: Lucy Lawless says a Mandalorian fan petition might have cost her a Star Wars gig (AV Club)

It is truly interesting how fans and fan movements are determining the direction of new movies and series, even in some unexpected ways.

Podcast: Can You Boost your Immune System? (Body Stuff with Dr. Jenn Gunter)

We’re all scared and looking for ways to protect ourselves – but it is so important to trust the science and not be swindled in by hopeful lies.

Article: Dad Makes The Cutest Costumes For His Rescue Dogs Every Halloween (The Dodo)

October awwws!

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