Some Up: October 11th – 17th

Article: She buried her 10-year-old who died from Covid. Less than 24 hours later, she was combating misinformation at a school board meeting (CNN)

This level of science denial is cruel – this is what misinformation forces families to grapple with.

Podcast: Mike Lives in a Downtown Hotel (You’re Wrong About)

“The only constant is change”, so the saying goes. With misty eyes, fans (like me) wish Michael Hobbes all the best as he departs his hosting seat on You’re Wrong About. I have come to respect Michael Hobbes work so much since listening to the podcast. His analysis would make me evaluate my own biases, his writing is sharp and engaging, and he has an incredible ability to articulate complex concepts with enough information to give appropriate context but not to overwhelm. I sincerely wish him all the best!

Article: Demolishing Public Libraries from the Inside: Niles Public Library is a Warning (BookRiot)

An absolutely fascinating look at the politics of one public library system. Low tax advocates have the potential to destroy public libraries in a time where arguably the tools they provide to the community are even more critical. Read the whole article to see what is on the chopping block.

Article: ‘It is devastating’: the millennials who would love to have kids – but can’t afford a family (The Guardian)

Well meaning people often ask couples about their family plans or intentions. With more and more reasons that couples are not having children (finances, global stability, climate change or sometimes infertility), I think it’s time to re-evaluate the idea that couples should answer what their plans are for child bearing.

Those close to you will tell you if they want children or not – give them time and let them build their trust in you.

Article: We know humans are behind climate change, thanks to this Nobel Physics laureate’s work (CBC’s Quirks and Quarks)

I appreciate the work that Klaus Hasselmann and his team are doing in the are of climate change research. It would have been better if we trusted the science 20 or 30 years ago, but I hope now we are in a place to act swiftly and decisively on climate change.

Article: Southlake school leader tells teachers to balance Holocaust books with ‘opposing’ views (NBC News)

This is so incredibly distressing. The anger and unplaced rage around critical race theory in schools is devolving into policies that make no sense – this policy is wrong and it should be immediately removed.

Article: The Beautiful, Dumb Dream of McDonald’s Peace Theory (Foreign Policy)

A long read but an interesting one. Capitalism is no replacement for international collaboration.

Article: A New Zealand city is taking its official wizard off the payroll after over 2 decades (NPR)

Times are tough for wizards too I guess.

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