What’s All This: Curated Life

Instagram, man.

It’s beautiful and I would never know where to buy candy or bras from if it wasn’t for the ‘gram (thanks the algorithm!).

I look at the incredible places and food and experiences that everyone is visiting, photoshopping, and then gramming from different angles, and my quiet little life seems to pale in comparison. I like it, I love it most days, but I don’t want to jump into the noise. I’m not good at it.

So what’s all this about?
Easy enough, but Curated Life is just me saying sickeningly sweet things I’m too embarrassed to show on the ‘gram. I’m not showing my soft underbelly to you when the next one up is you and your friends in bikinis. I just don’t want to invite the comparison.

It’s me taking terrible photos on my phone and being OK with it.
It’s me being soft and too emotional (because I am).
It’s me cherishing stupid things that are precious to me.

It’s never me in a bikini, but it’s often the food I’m eating.

What’s with this image? Nothing deep, it’s my favourite ColourPop palette of all time. It’s awesome.

My favourite ColourPop palette of all time - Mar. 
It is a pale green palette with nine pans in greens, blues, and teals.

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