Some Up: June 7th – 13th

I took a little break last week – but I’m back!

Podcast: Trudeau’s Liberals promised to end the blood ban. Now they say it’s “complicated” (The Big Story)

A disappointing follow up to the promises of the last election. Truly, there are no legitimate, scientific reasons Canada’s gay blood ban still exists.

Article: Canadians would be shocked’: Survivors, lawyers describe treatment at Nanaimo Indian Hospital (CBC News)

As we find more unreported graves at residential schools, it is important, too, to consider the legacy of Indian Hospitals. I only learned about them this year and they truly were a horrifying part of Canadian history.

Article: My mom’s memory is failing. But rolling dumplings is something she can do intuitively (CBC First Person)

Dumpling drop fills our bellies, and her story fills my heart. I wish only good things for this family and these culinary entrepreneurs.

Article: The bubblegum misogyny of 2000s pop culture (Vox)

2021 seems to be the year of looking at the ways we have wronged popular figures in the past. It’s an interesting genre and one I am appreciative to have the opportunity to unpack.

Article: QAnon is spreading amongst evangelicals. These pastors are trying to stop it (CNN Business)

Qanon is gaining a foothold virtually everywhere. It’s honestly terrifying.

Article: “A Horror Movie in Reverse”: How I Investigated Decades of Untested Rape Kits (ProPublica)

Tragic. Thank you to ProPublica for reporting on this.

A happy little bee friend on my work break 🐝❤️

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