Some Up: July 12th – 18th

What a busy week it has been here! Hence why you’re getting a blog post slated for the 18th today. Sincere apologies to all three of my readers.

Article: All the right words on climate have already been said (NiemanLab)

What else can be said at this point? Honestly.

YouTube Series: Fav Bands A-Z (Andy Rambles)

It has been so nice getting to know Andrew (my partner’s friend)! His knowledge of music is encyclopedic and would be intimidating from anyone else – he is so kind that you can’t help but to want to learn more.

He is currently doing a countdown of his top favourite bands A-Z, which is an awesome and fun way to sneak a peek into his collection! Enjoy this fun, awesome music Rolodex and find something new you may love!

YouTube: Did Flying Corpses Spread the Plague? (Ask a Mortician)

Bet you didn’t expect that one.

Video: Secrets of the world’s oldest computer (BBC News)


Article: I sacrificed my career to care for my kids in the pandemic. Never again. (The Lily)

This is a heartbreaking look at the toll the pandemic had on working mothers. Don’t judge the writer when you read her words – hear her pain and frustration and know that so many other mothers were in the same position. And may still be.

Long form Podcast: Lolita Podcast (Jamie Loftus)

I got it wrong. I was told this was a love story.

We all did, probably.

I didn’t think Lolita was worth a second look, let alone a ten part deep dive into every facet of marketing, the release, the movies, the plays, the musicals, and the aesthetics, but I am so glad that I took the time.

One a side note: I have been so enjoying Jamie Loftus’ podcasts – she is an incredible storyteller and has a wonderfully unique way of looking at things! She may just be edging out Dan Taberski for my favourite podcaster right now.

The cover art of this podcast. A pink background with red heart shaped sunglasses. A man looms in one of the frames with a camera covering his face.

Article: A Pro Cyclist Rode An Unofficial, Solo Tour De France And Beat The Pack (NPR)

Hats off to unofficial heroes! What a fun story!

Article: Fast food workers seize the means of production, renounce their “Burger King” (AV Club)

No one writes a headline like AV Club writes a headline. But this article does point out a huge issue looming: frontline workers are burned out, tired of being treated as if they are disposable, and are leaving en masse.

If a job is important enough to be done, it’s important to be paid a thriving wage.

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