Curated Life: Open Air Movies Under Twinkle Lights

There is something magical about a summer night. Just like when you’re a kid, the long hot days give away to cooler nights (if you’re lucky to live somewhere where nights give respite from the heat).

And on those few days where the day is short enough and the nights are warm enough, you may be able to catch an open air movie hosted by the best little film house around.

And isn’t there something magical about hanging out with friends, listening to top of the pops while waiting for the sun to go down.

And then, all of a sudden, it’s dark and the twinkle lights are in full effect. The familiar logo comes on the screen, and as a moth flutters by, you’re in your own world lost in the movie.

Nothing better than an outdoor movie with people you love.

A grainy photo of a screen on a white wall. Twinkle lights hang above,  and the actors are face to face.
A grainy snapshot of a treasured memory ❤️

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