Some Up: Aug 10-16th

YouTube: The (Real) Delusion that You’re a Corpse

I have been a fan of Ask a Mortician for years, and her expansion into mental health, history, and politics has been both engaging and informative. This most recent video about Cotard’s Delusion was humane and unsensational, and contextualizes how people with Cotard’s feel in day to day “life”.

Podcast: Speck in the Sea

The Sunday Read on the Daily by the New York Times is a feature that works incredibly well. Settle in, and let the emotion and exceptional story-telling of this non-fiction piece wash over you.

The harrowing story of John Aldridge’s being lost at sea is beautifully told in a way that feels like an old fashioned sea tale but with a modern twist. In a way that does not feel voyeuristic, the story is told in a way that is both gripping and honest. Listen in and consider the real dangers fishermen put themselves in even in our modern age.

Instagram Profile: So You Want to Talk About

This account provides a good place to get acquainted with the basics of given issues. With somewhat light resources I see this as an account as a place to begin research, but the account does always include action items in the stories which I appreciate. Clear and basic, this is a great place to dip your toes into learning about what is facing our world and our politics.

Podcast: Ebola (2014)

I have been really enjoying This Day in Esoteric Political History, even if it did force me to google if I really knew the meaning of the word esoteric (answer: I sort of did).

This episode is a really good reminder of the difference between two different president’s responses to two different illnesses.

Podcast: Rabbit Hole

This well-researched and excellently paced podcast is ambitious yet effective in the range of what it tries to cover. The topic of radicalized beliefs on the internet in 2020 is likely going to an area of studies for years to come, and this podcast feels timely and important as we go into an American election year.

This podcast touches on how ideas from the internet take hold and gain traction in the real world. For further examples of real world internet ideas gaining legs, note that this QAnon friendly candidate was elected shortly after QAnon was identified as a potential domestic terrorist threat by the Combating Terrorism Centre.

Article: What it Means to Be Human

I love Jane Goodall – she is so much beyond a researcher. She is humane, wise, empathetic, and if you’ve ever read of her early work you’ll know she’s also tough as nails.

This is a wonderful interview, and if you choose to listen to the audio you’ll get the added bonus of Jane Goodall’s calming voice.

Music: March March

I know, I’m the last person to talk about the Chick’s newest album. As a whole, it’s a great album that plays heavily on a wide range of genres, but this song in particular lands with me. The album is missing some of the fun and lightness of previous albums gone by. But, given the times we live in, it makes sense. Give it a listen, steel yourself, and keep doing the right thing.

(And now for something a little lighter)

Recipe: Dutch Baby

A Sunday favourite at our household, nothing beats Julie Van Rosendaal’s recipe. I have linked it above, but I snagged a screenshot from Van Rosendaal’s Instagram stories – somehow the picture makes it part of the Sunday brunch tradition!

You can put anything you want in a Dutch baby, but I usually make mine with fruit of some kind – delicious!

A screenshot of Julie Van Rosendaal’s Durocher baby with the recipe overlaid

Treat Yourself: Aveeno Repairing Hand Mask

After developing eczema about two years ago, I’ve grown used to dry itchy hands. I’ve honestly tried what feels like every cream and remedy, I know pretty quickly what works and what doesn’t – and these work!

Take ten minutes, pop in a podcast and relax – your hands will thank you!

I’ve linked directly to above, but these are available many places!

A photograph  of the Aveeno hand mask package. The package is white with light orange writing.

Podcast: The Case of the Missing Hit

This is not a new episode of Reply All, but I think it is the best they have ever done. That’s saying a lot considering this is probably my favourite podcast of all time. I’ve sent it to everyone and my dog, but if I somehow missed sending this joyful romp to you, enjoy each twist and turn along the journey of the missing hit!

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