Some Up: April 26th – May 2nd

It’s been a heavy news cycle this week, gang. Take good care of yourself.

Article: NRA’s Wayne LaPierre elephant hunt video sparks outrage (BBC News)

This is the kind of responsible gun ownership for which the NRA is advocating?

Article: Indonesia submarine: Video emerges of crew singing farewell weeks before disaster (NBC News)

This video chilled my blood. To have this video of the crew saying farewell through song must be heartbreaking for their families and friends. Such a sad ending for this crew.

Article: I’m left with survivor’s guilt as I watch India burn (The Lily)

Such a heartbreaking, personal perspective on the tragedy in India.

Article: Actor who made discrimination complaint says she faced backlash, including verbal abuse (Times Colonist)

I used to work at Langham, and I am so disheartened and embarrassed to see the hurt that my workplace caused.

It’s trite to apologize now, but I apologize for what happened. I apologize for being too inwardly focused to learn what was really going on.

Article: Waive Covid vaccine patents to put world on war footing (WHO)

Withholding vaccine patents hurts everyone – as variants rage and become even more dangerous, we have to work together to make vaccines available to everyone.

Sign the petition below to have your voice heard.

Petition: Lives Over Profit (MSF)

Article: Beyond Calibri: Finding Microsoft’s next default font (Microsoft)

Are you ready for a new default font? I know this sounds like sarcasm, but this is so fun!

Video: Why THIS Episode of Scrubs Hits so Hard (Nerdstalgic)

Scrubs was excellent – and this video breaks down why.

A tan dog sitting on his bed with a bookshelf behind him
A little bonus Buster because you made it this far.

Happy Sunday, y’all!

Best wishes for a good week ahead.

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