Some Up: May 3rd- 9th

This week, we are hearing terrible stories and seeing horrifying images out of both Columbia and Palestine. I want to acknowledge that these are both occurring, but also acknowledge that my own limited understanding and lack of time to learn more has left me in a place where I am not confident recommending solid resources. I am committed to learning more, and using my voice once I understand better.

Article: Press freedom in Canada is under attack too (CBC News)

An important reminder that even though journalistic freedom is not as bad as other places, a cornerstone of our country’s freedom is journalistic freedom. Important stories told without imposition or obfuscation are critical. We need access to the press and we have a responsibility to be aware of what the risks facing them are, and protect them.

Comic: A Manmade Disaster in India (The Nib)

Another perspective on the covid crisis in India. Heartbreaking in real time.

Article: Cultivating an Inclusive Culture (Signal v Noise)

Some very interesting thoughts on inclusivity in practice. This sticks with me “It shouldn’t feel like an act of bravery for a teammate to say when something doesn’t feel right. It should feel like everyone’s expected duty.

Podcast: A Vast Web of Vengeance, Part 2 (The Daily)

I shared part one a few weeks ago, but the story doesn’t nearly end there. A scary, dark, and nefarious part of the web which carries huge potential for damage.

Article: The Other Side of Languishing Is Flourishing. Here’s How to Get There. (New York Times)

A few weeks ago, this article gave a name to the feeling we’re all struggling with: Languishing. It went viral, which probably speaks to where so many of us are at.

But half of the challenge is naming the problem, the other half is creating a goal to where we want to end up. The author suggests that the opposite of languishing is flourishing. What does flourishing look like for you?

Article: Farmer moves border stone for tractor – and makes Belgium bigger (The Guardian)

A delightful little story about moving borders!

Video: Why Safe Playgrounds Aren’t Great for Kids (Vox)

An interesting video introducing viewers to the concepts of risky play. I honestly could not imagine these existing in a neighbourhood in our town, but I think it would be great if they could!

Article: Mother’s Day Can Bring Dread, and These Companies are Catching On (CBC News)

I love my mom, and I’m lucky to be able to connect with her often. But I am mindful that Mother’s Day isn’t a loving, happy experience for everyone.

Being a single parent, wanting and struggling to become a parent, or having a strained relationship can make Mother’s Day a day of dread. I can imagine how these emails can cause emotional strain, and Etsy giving the option to opt out is a very kind and empathetic option.

Article: The West Virginian Who Created Mother’s Day And Regretted It (West Virginia Public Broadcasting)

Again, I love my mom and I am not opposed to having a day in the year to celebrate her, so Mother’s Day is not one that I want to get rid of.

What started as a beautiful day to honour a mother became a commercialized mess. I think what we should take from this story that honouring and celebrating maternal love should be personalized to the person we are celebrating, and an appreciation of these people in our lives. Not buying them something they don’t really want or need.

Podcast: The Chicks vs. The Iraq War (You’re Wrong About)

You’re Wrong About and the Chicks in one convenient place?? As a HUGE Chicks fan, I am beyond delighted.

A takeaway: people may say they are cancelled but you’re most certainly not cancelled the way the Chicks were cancelled. Also, Toby Keith, you struck me as a embarrassing spectacle when I was a child, and I am disappointed to learn that my initial impressions were correct.

An omission that was noted: In their comeback, the Chicks rocked out with Beyoncé in Daddy Lessons. It’s an excellent collaboration, and reminded the general public about this powerhouse band right before they dropped their newest album “Gaslighter”.

And for the heck of it, listen to Not Ready to Make Nice.

Article: Exploring The Legacy of Nash The Slash and His Gnarly Skull Mandolin (NMC)

I have only recently learned of Nash the Slash. His style was so incredibly unique and totally cool! Canada lost a great artist when he died.

Nail Polish: The 90s (Enchanted Polish)

My partner got me an incredibly sweet gift – my very first Enchanted Polish!! This colour is so much fun and it wears and applies beautifully!

I am so lucky ❤️

A picture of my hands holding a bottle of nail polish. The colour is a light white with neon dots and little black speckles.
This polish perfectly captures the fun of the 90s!

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