Some Up: Nov 1st-7th

Today I had my first beginner improv class with Paper Street Theatre – an awesome way to learn and work on my creative muscles (and boy howdy were those muscles were out of shape).

News: Cleo Smith: Missing 4-year-old found alive in Australia (BBC News)

I cannot imagine the joy this family felt at hearing their girl is alive. I wish Cleo and her family all the best as they try to make sense of what happened.

Article: Israel’s energy minister couldn’t enter COP26 because of wheelchair inaccessibility (NPR)

Accessibility is a MUST. If someone in the highest rank of government cannot get into a global meeting pertaining directly to her portfolio, we have failed.

Podcast: A Wish for Afghanistan (BBC World Service)

These stories are so, so important to hear. Afghanistan is filled with such pain. What does the future of this country look like?

When I hear these stories, I am angry at the decision makers at the top who allowed our country to go to war. I cannot help but ask, with veterans and Afghan civilians so hurt, what did the war in Afghanistan achieve? Is anyone better off?

Podcast: Third Squad (iHeart Radio)

And to share the voices of Afghan veterans, Third Squad is a podcast that I have to share even before it’s been fully released. This unflinching look at the scars (of the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual variety) of returning veterans is as heartbreaking and compelling as it is timely.

Recommended also: Dan Taberski’s The Line

Article: Smithsonian Museum of African Art removes Benin bronzes from display and plans to repatriate them (CNN)

Full context in this episode of Stuff the British Stole

Something to buy: Vanilla Tobacco Candle

As rainy season is upon us, I love nothing more than a good candle. Ash Refillery’s scent blends are complex and beautiful. You’ll be sure to find something you love!

Our household is particular to Vanilla Tobacco – warm, sweet, but not too sweet. Perfect.

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