Some Up: Nov 8th – 14th

It has been a busy week here so I haven’t had much time for extra reading – so here a day late, here are some interesting things I have come across this week.

Article: Tuvalu minister to address Cop26 knee deep in water to highlight climate crisis and sea level rise (The Guardian)

Climate change is already here. I hope we can take real action as a result of cop26, and I hope it’ll be enough.

Article: The question isn’t when Trump will start campaigning. It’s whether he’ll stop. (NBC)

I’m terrified that Trump will be allowed to run again. If he is allowed to run as the republican candidate, I honestly believe he will take the presidency again. Republicans who stand up to Trump are censured, and with only 10 republicans willing to impeach Trump for his role in the Jan 6th attack, it is a very concerning situation.

Podcast: Not Your Venus (Stuff the British Stole)

Saartjie Baartman’s life, one where she was referred to as “Hottentot Venus”, was one of coercion, lack of bodily autonomy, and showcasing her body for primarily white audiences. It’s a heartbreaking story. She was a human, and she never really got to live freely.

If you prefer your learning through video formats, Ask a Mortician has an excellent video about Saartjie Baartman’s sad life.

Movie: Working Girl

Now I finally understand like 2% more of the Gilmore Girls references, but as an additional bonus, I absolutely loved this movie. There’s so much to talk about in this seemingly simple film!

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