Some Up: Nov 15th-21st

Article: Kyle Rittenhouse found not guilty on all charges (CNN)

What is a devastating, and arguably precedent setting conclusion to this trial, Rittenhouse walks free, with virtually no negative impact on his life. The families and friends of two victims he killed and the one who was shot and survived, and Black communities who Rittenhouse viewed as such threats, will have no such peace. Legal experts have speculated it would have been very difficult to get a conviction in Rittenhouse’s case, but that makes the whole situation more damming somehow.

Article: Craig Kielburger’s Mom Launched a $3 Million Lawsuit Accusing Canadaland of being ‘Fake News’ (PressProgress)

Even as the We organization was disgraced by their actions (another scandal breaking this week), Theresa Kielburger continues to try and use aggressive legal techniques to shield the We Charity from any criticism.

Listen to the excellent podcast in question, The White Saviours, here.

Article: Privacy Commissioner Orders Probe into Government Data Leak That May Have Put Afghans in Danger (CBC News)

This must be such a frightening situation for these people who are already so vulnerable.

Article: New board members take over theatre company in wake of racism accusation (Times Colonist)

Well, our little Langham Court theatre is in the news again today. Having been in that room for those five some odd hours, I hope this leads to positive change and a welcoming environment for all. It was an incredibly difficult day, and I hope that it is the last of the days like that.

Opinion: Recent storm a stern warning for B.C.’s weak infrastructure (Chek News)

As we struggle to get gas, and people are panic buying food in the grocery store, the clear and simple case remains: our infrastructure isn’t built to withstand the upcoming onslaught of climate change related disasters coming our way.

Podcast: Is Being Fat Bad For You? (Maintenance Phase)

I have been so good at not recommending every single episode of Maintenance Phase that comes out, but this one is absolutely incredible. Aubrey Gordon and Michael Hobbes take us through some incredibly complex journal articles and a bit of scientific politics that surround and cloud this issue.

Article: Millionaire dog selling Miami villa once owned by Madonna (NBC News)

This is one of those “it’s funny until you realize a dog is more financially comfortable than you will ever be” stories.

Documentary: The Rescue

I swear I shared this documentary here when I saw it, but I think I might have missed it. This is an exceptional look at the thousands of people who worked to rescue the Thai soccer team. It is ethically told, compassionate of the life that was lost, while giving space to the boys and their families. It focuses instead on this team of uniquely skilled divers who aren’t quite like anyone else in the world.

A movie poster for the rescue. It is dark and a diver is seen in blue light coming up under a cave.

Movie: Mystic Pizza

If you don’t have a best pal like I do who recommends delightful movies that absolutely hold up, please let me do you a favour and encourage you to watch Mystic Pizza.

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