Mindfully Mine: My Favourite Things in 2022!

Welcome to my 2022 round up of my favourite makeup, haircare, and skincare items! This is my fun way of letting you know the things I love this year. Grab a cup of tea, and enjoy!

Also, as is evident by *gestures at everything* I’m not sponsored in any way.

Facial Cleansers:

Good Molecules Pineapple Enzyme Powder Cleanser

Back for another year, (and I’m still finishing off the old bottle, so this should tell you how little you need) is the Good Molecule Pineapple Enzyme Powder Cleanser! This cleanser starts off as a powder and you add however much water you want – more water, less exfoliation, less water, more exfoliation.

This has done wonders for some (what I think were) blackheads around my nose and doesn’t ever leave me too dry. Perfection!

Banila Clean it Zero Cleansing Balm

The second repeat from last year is the incredible, the incomparable, the perfect Clean it Zero balm cleanser. This year I tried SO many sample sizes of balm cleansers and I just keep coming back to this. It’s just the best one.

I will say, if you are sensitive to scents, this might not be the one for you – I believe they do have a scent free version if you fall into this camp.

But what about a daily cleanser?

As I mentioned in last year’s roundup, my favourite daily cleanser has been discontinued. I have found some ok options (and some bad options) but nothing I am raving about, so I’m not recommending anything just yet.

Facial Care:

ELF Holy Hydration! Face Cream (Fragrance Free)

I’m not scent sensitive, but the scented version lingers on your skin for hours- it’s not pleasant at all. However, the unscented version is a really nice, thick moisturizer that has gotten me through the winter months!

I recommend that if you’re using this and have combination skin, it’s probably best for nighttime use instead of the daytime – I found that for daytime use my oily forehead went a bit too fair beyond a luminous glow and well into greasy territory.

And with new packaging to boot!

Hydra Enriched Ampoule by Wishtrend

I got this because it was on sale and seemed fine. When I got to know it, I can say that it’s honestly the most hardworking member of my daily routine. It goes under makeup, refreshes before going out for the evening, it’s a perfect base for a no foundation dewy skincare day. It’s just so easy to incorporate and has played well with everything I put it with.

You’ll notice my bottle is empty – I have more on order!

Snail Truecicia by Some By Mi

While the ampoule above is the workhorse, this is the quiet MVP of my daily routine. I don’t know the science going on but this levels out my combination skin so nicely. Dry areas are hydrated, oily skin is tamed! I even suspect it was helpful in banishing an irritated patch of skin along my jawline.

It’s watery, but you don’t need a lot – I’ve been using it for months and still have 2/3s of a bottle to go.

Moisturizers, Not for your Face:

Sephora’s Lip Sleeping Mask

Both my laneige lip masks ran out at the same time, and I just couldn’t bear to shell out for a new one. But what about that one from Sephora?

Um, it’s amazing, that’s what.

Packed with vanilla scent, it stays where you put it, and it works. Really nice smooth texture too! I use it all day long, and I’ll definitely be using it to replace chapsticks tucked in my bags and throughout my work and home as I run out.

Glysomed Eczema Control

Ok, I’m starting to learn that eczema is much happier when you treat it ongoing and don’t leave your poor hands to dry out with the overwashing and then hope whatever you throw at them helps. Despite my bad eczema behaviour, glysomed has come up with a super effective, but fast absorbing formula that can save my poor eczema hands even when I’m not maintaining a proper routine.

Eczema sufferers, find this! Itchy winter skin people, this probably would be a good fit for you too!

Nail’d It By Tara Nail Oil Pen

Back for another year, the easy peasy nail oil pens from Nail’d it by Tara make an appearance for the second year! My favourite scents are ginger peach, vanilla, and buttercream frosting. She has lots of choices whatever your scent preference may be!

Tara also included a coupon to her shop, and the card says feel free to share! So use the code Tara15 if you would like a little discount!

Nail Polish:

Enchanted Polish – Slowpoke

Back again because I just can’t let go – the now sadly defunct Enchanted Polish Slowpoke makes another appearance on this list. Enchanted polish had an incredible catalog of beautiful and unique polishes.

This one, part of their homage to the Pokémon series, is totally fun, beyond wearable, and is just a little quirky. This fun coral holographic polish is just so unique when you’re wearing it, it works with any outfit or occasion – a little classic and a little playful. Just great!

Mint Money- Holo Taco

This shade and finish is absolutely amazing – it is so unique and eye catching. The shade is made up of bright teal flakies that catch the light so beautifully.

I catch myself looking at my nails in this finish – so bright and pretty! A perfect shade for any time of year!

Raptor Round Your Finger – China Glaze

As part of the Jurassic World collection, this fun and unique polish has a green sparkle base with large blue flecks of sparkles. It looks different from various angles and is just a really cool look overall.

The whole collection is pretty different – Kelli Marissa did a whole video on it here.

Eye Stuff:

Milani Eyeshadow Primer

Back again, and not because I didn’t try any other primers – is the milani eyeshadow primer!

I know I recommend this to everyone – and it’s because of the quality. I have accidentally showered with my makeup on, and this primer kept my eyeshadow on pretty well! Be sure to use a tiny, tiny amount, and give it a second to dry. If you notice your eyeshadow is creasing, you may be using too much.

NYX Retractable Eyeliner Pencils

I might have just had a lot of luck with the colours I have chosen, but the retractable pencil eyeliners by NYX are so pigmented and go on so smoothly. That smoothness lasts until the pencil is done – unlike Colourpop’s pencils which I find dry out so fast!

NYX’s online selection seemed to have moved away from their previous branding to the Epic Smoke Liner (which I haven’t yet tried), but you can find the ones I’m talking about tucked into physical drugstores and on the corners of Shopper’s or London Drug’s website.

MY favourites are the blue shimmer called love or the blue off-tropic shade called pool boy.

L’Oreal Paris Lash Paradise Waterproof Mascara

To probably no one’s surprise, the best mascara is still the waterproof version of L’Oreal’s lash paradise – It’s just.so.good.

Whatever the next viral mascara may be on TikTok, this one is definitely better.

Downside: you’ll need to use a pretty heavy duty cleanser to get this off, no question. (Luckily, I have linked my favourite above!)

A brand new package, because we are all changing out our mascara every 3-6 months… right? RIGHT?


Ariana Grande Cloud Eau De Parfum

Is this a deep, moody, sophisticated scent?


It is intended for that vampy soul in the corner of the bar, enjoying a fourteen year whisky?

I don’t imagine so!

Is this a scent that could appeal to a younger crowd?


But all that doesn’t mean it’s not a great scent! If you like light, yummy fragrances that aren’t overwhelming, this is sight a bright, fun scent to wear. A sugar heavy first scent is followed by something I can’t quite figure out – citrus and laundry maybe? It wears for probably about 4-5 hours without issue.

If you like sweet scents, this is a really fun option – and it’s so cute on your dresser! Don’t be embarrassed, wear your joy!

Red Panda by Sanctuary

This delightful scent is surprising – sweet and warm but with layered notes that add a level of sophistication. So great for an everyday wear. It lasts about 6 hours on one spritz.

The goals behind Sanctuary’s brand can seem aspirational, so I appreciate that they publish a dollar value of the charities they support on their website. Their packaging arrived in mushroom based compostable padding, and the packaging was recyclable cardboard.

Note: When I last checked, in Canada, you can only order Sanctuary products from Scentbird. This might change, so you can see the whole lineup of Sanctuary products here.

Digitalis by Six Scents

This one is still so, SO expensive, but I still thing for the price I paid when I got it, it really was so worth it. It’s making it’s second appearance here in the annual round up so I’m begrudgingly coming around to acknowledge that considering the cost per use, I paid a pretty fair price.

You don’t need more than half a spritz, so I still have so much left in the bottle, and it lasts beautifully all day. This scent is bright, followed by a darker, almost woodsy scent. The packaging was beautiful, and the bottle looks classic and cool on your tabletop.

What I would recommend is to get the sampler pack of the 9 potion fatales series because they are all beautiful, and it’s such a fun way to experience

If you do fall in love with one of the scents, you can put the value of the sampler collection towards a full size bottle (within 2 months of purchase if you’re in Canada), which is a nice way to break up the cost.

Hair Stuff:

Moroccanoil Treatment Hair Oil

I know, I know, I’m bougie. But I will argue that the effects it has are completely worth it. You don’t need much at all – the small size should lasts me several months.

My hair is so smooth and shiny without looking greasy – I just love this treat for my hair.

Yves Rocher Anti Pollution Protective Shield Conditioner

Back again for another year is arguably the best conditioner ever!

Acknowledging that anti-pollution claims by most beauty, skincare, and hair care brands are totally bunk, this is a really excellent conditioner – and I don’t even use the matching shampoo. It works so beautifully to make my hair soft and not weighed down!

Pureology Hydrate Sheer Shampoo

If you have fine, colour treated hair that can get greasy, try this. The staff told me I should be using a dime sized amount, and they were right. A tiny amount will leave you with happy, healthy hair. People have complimented my hair colour months after I had dyed it!

I won’t deny it, it’s a pricy option, and if you have hair that is quite long or thick, I’m worried if the price is justifiable for you. but for me, it’s absolutely worth it.

And that fancy spa scent? It’s like a vacation every time I shampoo!


Honestly, you guys. I have so many lipsticks I love. Can I just make this a never ending blog post/love letter to lipstick?

PeriPera Ink Airy Velvet – #11 Full Red Brick

Well well well… To no one’s surprise, this one is back. TikTok had a little viral moment for this product earlier in the year, which makes me feel like I was in the know, even if it’s really just a great product that got picked up by the algorithm.

This lipstick wears beautifully, and even though it is a true matte, it doesn’t feel drying at all.

I have found that the PeriPera does tend to run a bit orange-y, but I think it still looks nice on me.

This will wear on me for about 4 hours without needing retouching.

Juvia’s Place Nude Matte Lipstick in A Mauve Moment

When I need a lipstick that makes me feel polished and just always looks lovely – this is the one I go for! It’s not a matte as the name suggests, closer to a satin matte, but it stays put very nicely.

Very very comfortable, and the soft touch packaging is so classy!

Maybelline SuperStay Vinyl Ink in Witty

Bold proclamation incoming: this might just be the best lip product to hit shelves this year.

This product starts as a semi-gloss and wears down to a stain, it wears down absolutely beautifully and it looks good every step of the way. I have three colours, but Witty is by far the best. A versatile shade that could be worn anywhere you want, and seems to suit any outfit, this shade is just wonderful.

As a friendly reminder, you have to shake the product for several seconds before you apply – it really doesn’t work as well if you don’t.


Rare Beauty Soft Pinch Liquid Blush – Faith

Back again for another year is this viral purple blush! I did wonder if I would get bored of this shade, but with the layering options, it is really such an amazing range of looks that come from one little tube. Fun, dramatic, and surprisingly warm, this blush can honestly do it all.

I tend to wear mine quite light and despite the light wear, it lasts a full day!

Kaja Cheeky Stamp Blendable Blush – Saucy

There is a reason this is coming back for another year. It’s amazing. I’m just about coming to the end of this one so now I have to decide if I should pick another colour for fun or do the same again. Decisions, decisions.

I love everything about this blush – the little heart stamp, the squishy foamy part, the consistency, and the colour.

I’m not a fan of cutesy for cutesy’s sake, but everything about this is cutesy for a reason – the shape of the heart lines up with where I place my blush, it folds and stores nicely within itself.

Pür x Barbie Malibu Blush (Discontinued)

This super-pigmented blush collection is not longer available, and from what I saw from the collection, this was by and far the best piece. The shades range from the expected pink to wow orange, to dark mauves, with a blendability that allows for all options to be layered and combined together.


Rare Beauty Positive Light Liquid Luminizer Highlight – Mesmerize

This is still, for me, the highlighter that all other highlighters are compared to. Incredibly easy to apply, long lasting, and just a beautiful warm glow.

If you like highlighter a lot, or are somewhat blasé about them as a product, this one is a product I would recommend for everyone. Such an incredible staple for special occasions or everyday wear.

Colourpop Might as Shell

At time of writing, this supershock palette is still on the site, but sold out (same goes for her sister palette, the bolder Oh Shell Yeah). These little quads are so versatile and easygoing – so easy to blend and layer. I love them both so much so that it feels a little mean to pick one and not the other. But I feel for more everyday looks, Might as Shell can’t be beat.

Both have that incredible supershock squishy feeling, and that amazing shimmers – the colour is light but adds just something amazing to the look.

Juvia’s Place The Heroine Glow II

This swirled, peachy blush applies so easy and beautifully, and it just looks perfect – warming up the skin and bringing glow to my face. I have used it so many times but it looks brand new, you need very little to make an impact with this one! This is a little deeper than the Rare beauty highlighter above.

Eyeshadow Palette:

Mikayla x Glamlite Paht 2

I’m not familiar with Mikayla’s work, but her palette is amazing! This palette is a little moodier than her first palette, but it still has the bright colours and incredible shimmers. The colour story of this palette is so usable is what tipped me towards this one instead of the first.

This palette’s shimmers are incredible, and the mattes blend so wonderfully. I’m surprised at the looks I was able to make – bright and pigmented!

Oden’s Eye x Fancy Face Hummingbird

OK, don’t fall in love with this one because it’s been discontinued, but seriously this palette is incredible. The three collab palettes that were released at the same time were all excellent, but hummingbird just eked the top spot. This mix of matte and shimmers is so unique, bright, and gives a huge range of looks to create.

The shimmers need some help to stay on, but they look amazing once they are placed.

Rare Beauty Magnetic Spirit

Furthering my shimmery/sparkly phase, please enjoy another year of Rare Beauty’s Magnetic Spirit palette. This palette is such a unique, beautiful colour story. It has no matte shades which was highly contentious* at the time it was released. My thinking was that there are enough matte shades in other palettes if I needed them, but most of the time I can create a full look without bringing in another palette. It’s fun, it’s shimmery, and it gives me so many beautiful options even though there are “only” six shades. It’s WILD man!

My best pal gave me this so it’s further proof that she has exceptional taste. Thanks pal!

* this was basically not contentious at all.


There’s so many great returns from last year, but I can see my taste is shifting more to maintenance and consistent routine in skincare, and my makeup tastes are brighter and more filled with shimmers and brights.

I did get more time to enjoy my existing collection as I have been trying to move to a low-buy system for skincare and makeup, which means I have actually finished a number of skincare items, and spent a lot more time coming back several time to older palettes and makeup items to try new looks and uses. It’s been a fun year!

Class of 2022 group photo!

Something fun, since you got to the end:

Since it is the season of giving, I want to share my love for these products with my friends, family, and close acquaintances. So, if you would like to win one item on the list above, comment here, on Facebook, Instagram, or text me the phrase “I want to win (and then the item you want to win)”.

I’ll randomly assign everyone who messages me a number and use a random number generation to select a winner. Enter by 11:59 PM PST on January 3rd to enter!

A few things:

– This is only for my friends, family, and close acquaintances. Sorry bots and random internet people- this isn’t for you!
– If you pick a really pricey item, I’ll be gifting you the sample size.
– If an item is discontinued, I’ll pick the next closest item I can find.
– If you’re selected, you’ll need to tell me your mailing address so I can send the item to you! I promise I won’t give it to anyone.

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  1. This is amazing!!
    Happy birthday friend!
    I’d like to play along –
    “I want to win” the Sephora vanilla lip sleep balm!
    You are so sweet to play this game.


  2. I always love reading your reviews! I would want to win the elf holy hydration moisturizer because I have yet to find something that helps my dry face and your review Madd me want to try it.


  3. Happy Birthday Lovely!! 🥰🎂 🎁🎉💕 This is a very cool idea and it’s helpful that you’re writing reviews for so many products!!! They all look really tempting, but I would love to win and try the Snail Truecica by Som By Mi.


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