A close up of my face. I'm wearing a non-surgical face mask with constellation animals on it. My shirt is green and I am wearing a necklace.

Haska’s the Name

Being Culturally Irrelevant is my Game.

A Blog? What year is it?
2023 at time of writing!

No but Seriously, a Blog?
Yeah, sometimes I need a repository for the things in my brain. This is that repository.

Do You Think You’re Funny or Something?
I think I’m funny, yeah! You don’t have to think so.
If you want to keep reading, it’s probably best that you go along with it.

There are people dying in the world!
There are, and every one is a tragedy to those who loved them. I’m not the best mind on the planet, nor am I the most educated. I share my thoughts knowing there are bigger issues that I cannot begin to tackle.