Some up: August 24th-30th

Podcast: The Fight for the McDonald’s Franchise (Household Name)

This episode gave me a lot to think about – I often overlook the intricacies of what franchises mean to individuals and communities – especially in the example where the franchise owner was able to support local schools and provide information about Black history. I thoroughly enjoyed this engaging introduction to this topic!

Article: Population Panic Lets Rich People Off the Hook for the Climate Crises they are Fuelling (Guardian)

I came across this article at around the same time as I was listening to this older episode of Hidden Brain. At this point in human history, people’s choice to have children or not have children are framed in context of everything from future resources to the feasibility of human life in the face of climate change, to the need for increased or stable populations. Current parents, future parents, and people on the fence about kids have more than ever to think about in regards to children, and this article and podcast articulately outline two issues that affect us all.

Instagram Account: The EcoWell

I have stubbornly opposed to the claims of many “natural” and “holistic” health and beauty products – but I’m not always able to articulate why. These short and informative posts give clear information that help contextualize risks (and the lack thereof) of using traditional versus natural products.

News: Former Merchant Mariner Living in Sidney hopes Canadians Won’t Forget (Victoria News)

I didn’t know about the September 3rd recognition of Merchant Navy Veterans Day. I appreciate this veteran taking the time to share his story.

YouTube: How Victorian Men Taught Us to Hate Corsets: The Biggest Lie in Fashion History (Karolina Zebrowska)

This isn’t new, but I enjoyed going back to it this week. Zebrowska’s dry sense of humour built on solid research makes for a rollicking lesson in the most controversial item of clothing of all time. And since we’re all home anyways, her other videos are pretty fun too.

A screenshot of Karolina Zebrowska's video.

TV: Schitt’s Creek

Listen, I’m literally the last person on the planet to jump on this bandwagon – but Schitt’s Creek is hilarious, heartwarming, and delightfully sweet all at the same time. Schitt’s Creek shows up on several streaming services, but us Canadians can access all six seasons on CBC Gem for free!

Bonus: Enjoy Jam or Not a Jam with Annie Murphy and Dan Levy.

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