Some up: Sept 28 – Oct 4

Podcast: Indigenous woman records racist abuse in her dying moments (CBC Front Burner)

People were horrified to hear about Joyce Echaquan’s heartbreaking Facebook livestream before her death, but as the expert makes clear, just because we saw it, it doesn’t make this an isolated incident.

How inhumane do you have to be to mock a dying person? How shrivelled is your compassion for humanity be to deny the humanity of a person who is so vulnerable? How could you ever treat another living being with such contempt? If you can bear to listen to Echaquan’s voice, you’ll hear a woman crying out for any compassion in her dying moments, and at the end of her life, she is offered none. How absolutely cruel and inhumane.

Canada may claim that we are multicultural and welcoming, but until we create a society that forbids such heinous behaviour and words towards both the dying and during their life, we have a hell of long way to go.

Video: Sawatsky Sign-Off (CTV)

A local man named George is sharing his experiences of surviving the concentration camps during the Second World War. The wisdom of these survivors is being lost as time progresses, and with the added element of horrible people on the internet who spread denials and lies about these camps, we cannot afford to ignore the voices of these survivors.

Podcast: When Nazis took Manhattan (Radio Diaries)

I was personally surprised to learn about this rally that filled Madison square gardens, but the best part of this story was those who resisted.

Podcast: Getting Rid of AI Bias (People Fixing the World)

This was a fascinating look at the challenges around dealing with bias in AI. The effect of bias built into our AI is more nefarious than I knew, but thankfully there are scientists trying to fix these problems.

Article: “Give me a f**king break”: What Melania Trump said about the blowback against family separations (Vox)

Oh, so she’s as evil as her husband. I should have guessed with this stupid jacket stunt.

Comic: I was tempted to publicly shame people who don’t wear masks. I tried this instead. (The Lily)

Empathy will save humanity. Let’s look out for one another and assume the best of other people’s intentions.

Podcast: The President Catches the Virus – Repost. (This Day in Esoteric Political History)

Everything old is new again, I guess. 101 years ago, the president caught the virus that was ravaging the world and somehow he continued on.

Whatever happens with President Trump’s illness, it’s nice to know that a president catching the virus du jour is one part of this presidency that isn’t totally unprecedented.

Podcast: America’s Hottest Talkline (Reply All)

Reply all is back with a new host!!! I mean, he’s not really new, but Emmanuel Dzotsi is officially a host! I’ve loved his reporting in the past, and I’m so pleased to have him joining the team!

This episode is, as usual, a bit of a wild ride. Covid helplines, 1-800 numbers, and a sex chat line are all part of this zany story. Enjoy!!

Instagram: Great Big Story

For five years, Great Big Story has been inspiring us with beautiful and well-told stories. It has taught readers to wonder, encouraged us to ask questions, and reminded us that so many humans are funny, caring, creative, silly, committed, and kind. And what a time in history to receive a reminder of the good in humanity.

As a faithful follower since almost the very beginning, I am sad to say goodbye to such an incredible information source. But, if we take anything from this, it is the power of storytelling – so live your story and then tell it to inspire.

Thank you, Great Big Story!

Article/Video: The incredible sound of a father and daughter’s Mongolian throat singing duet (Classic FM)

Hats off to Classic FM for being a source of good, wholesome content in the weirdness of 2020. Full disclosure, I’m not sure I get throat singing, but I think I like it.

Movie: La Belle Époque

We caught this at the Vic theatre, which has made a focused effort to ensure everyone is safe in a public space. Thank you to the team for doing such a good job at making the space safe, and for making a space available for us to enjoy wonderful movies!

Maybe it’s because this is the first film I’ve seen in an indoor theatre in six months, but this was such a fun and touching movie. I absolutely loved it!

Funny in ways that aren’t particularly mean, romantic in ways that aren’t sugar coated, nostalgic in a way that isn’t rose coloured, this film holds a lot in it’s heart. Catch it if you can!

Local Spot: Flourish BeauTea

Just opened up here in town, Flourish is a perfect spot for a sweet treat and a not-too-sweet iced tea. The ambiance is clean and the visual design is so soft with the lovely watercolour accents. I tried the mojito, my partner tried the grapefruit gravity, and we split a matcha tiramisu. Props to this team – I don’t like matcha or tiramisu, and this was still a lovely and enjoyable dessert.

I am so looking forward to a return visit, especially once their full menu is up!

A photograph of two drinks in clear plastic containers bearing the name Flourish BeauTea.  One tea is yellow with lime and lemons, and the other drink is a soft orange red. There is a to-go box with green and yellow design swoops.
Treats from Flourish BeauTea

Song: T’es Belle (Cœur de Pirate)

What a beautiful single from national treasure Cœur de Pirate! Beautiful melodies, and a quick google provides a translation of her incredible lyrics. Bonus: this wonderful video includes Béatrice Martin’s little girl!

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