Mindfully Mine: Blush and Brushes

A while ago, I was delighted to discover that my elf order had triggered the amount for a free gift! Yay!

What arrived was a jelly blush – something I wanted to try.

Well, despite the price I paid, I was still pretty disappointed.

My challenge with this product is that I cannot blend it fast enough before it dries. I cannot make it look pretty. It always ends up with splotches and a weird sheen.

As much as I wanted this to work, it will be leaving my collection.

A small pot of jelly blush with a clear base and a red top. You can see the shimmery pink product inside.

Next up, these brushes from Shop MissA.

A top down image of two makeup brushes. They have black handles and bristles shaped into a pointed oval.

I bought these to replace a nearly dead brush that I love (see below). The brush I love is great for blending out eyeshadow, but has started to fall apart.

Two brushes, taken from a top down angle. The brush on the left is new, and the one one the right  is showing visible signs of wear and tear.

The bristles on these AOA brushes are so prickly, and do very little to blend the product.

The large brush is supposed to be used for powder, cream blush, or highlighter. It really didn’t work for any of those because it was so pokey, almost like you’re rubbing a dulled stick on your face.

The little one is supposed to be for concealer or contour but it honestly hurts to use.

While I wish these worked out better – I think I have learned my lesson: better to buy in person where I can feel the brush before taking it home.

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