Some Up: March 29th – April 4th

News: Albertans can check intimate partners’ domestic violence records starting Thursday under Clare’s Law (CBC News)

This important law was signed into effect in Alberta, which might be another tool to help prevent intimate partner violence.

Article: Analysis of the Draft Alberta K-6 Social Studies Curriculum (Part 1) (Carla Peck)

At about the same time that my home province was implementing laws to help keep people safe, they released their new proposed curriculum. Blasted by many as backwards and impossible to teach, other claims levelled at this new curriculum include that part of it was plagiarized, and weirdly, eschewing examples of actual jazz musicians for Jason Kenney’s grandpa.

Completely unrelated, the NWT is considering dropping the use of the Alberta curriculum.

Article: Young People ‘Blowing This’? All I Do Is Work So that You Can Shop (The Tyee)

Premier Horgan had some unequivocal words for those aged 20-39. As infection rates are spiking, strong action is needed, but as this writer points out, the blame game isn’t as obvious as Horgan has made it.

YouTube Video: Sidney Powell’s Ridiculous Defence (LegalEagle)

LegalEagle’s explainer of Powell’s bizarre defence is interesting and this was able to clarify my own understanding of how this process works.

Article: Why Satanic Panic never really ended (Vox)

With Lil Nas X releasing the “Satan Shoe”, satanism is back front and centre in our cultural lexicon.

No, Satanists are not waiting outside your church waiting to steal the Eucharist. No, Satanists are not conceiving children just to sacrifice them. No, Satanists are not behind all new movies/TV shows/music and secretly turning children to the dark side.

You’re Wrong About – Satanic Panic

American Hysteria – Satanic Panic Emergency Re-Release

News: Egypt mummies pass through Cairo in ancient rulers’ parade (BBC News)

This is such an interesting way to move these treasured relics!

Podcast Episode: 303 Joshua Harris (The Confessional)

Anyone who was/is from a Christian background will know Harris’ I Kissed Dating Goodbye. The impact of this book cannot be overstated – both the positives and the unanticipated negatives. Harris has since left the faith and gotten a divorce, and in this one on one with Bolz-Weber, Harris shares his shame for having written the book.

Bolz-Weber’s beautiful podcast gives her guests a chance to share their story, talk about feelings of shame, and gives a prayer and reflection on her guest’s situation. I appreciate this humane look at struggling with past decisions and mistakes.

Nail polish: Paint it Pretty

My incredible friend and I were able to meet up, and she had thoughtfully gotten me two polishes from paint it pretty! I’be been able to try out the blue ice thermal polish and I am beyond in love! IT. CHANGES. COLOURS!

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