Some Up: June 20th – July 4th

Last week, BC was under a heat dome, and our normally temperate town hit 39 degrees. As such, I melted into a puddle and opted not to do a blog post. So here’s what I’ve been reading for the past two weeks.

Article: Hundreds of graves found at former residential school for Indigenous children in Canada (Washington Post)

Canadians are reeling at the confirmation of long suspected beliefs of unmarked graves and mass graves at former residential schools. This is yet another school in a long lost, yet another distressing discovery.

It is estimated that the fatality rate in these schools was between 40-60%. Canadians need to reckon with this terrible part of our history. At a minimum, we should all read and consider the Truth and Reconciliation’s Calls to Action.

Article: Bill to restrict conversion therapy passes House, heads to Senate. (iPolitics)

In a small win to celebrate the end of pride month, conversion therapy is on the way to be banned in Canada!

However, 63 MPs voted against this bill. Please keep their names in mind as we proceed towards our next election.

Article: Vatican protests against ‘unprecedented’ Italian bill on homophobia (BBC News)

It is disappointing to see that the Vatican stood against an anti-hate bill. Disappointing because it’s not unexpected.

Podcast: Two Fathers, One Fight (History This Week)

Families who love each other, who look out for one another, who fight the good fight together are beautiful. I cannot see any good reason to possibly deny the right to family for LGBTQ+ individuals.

This beautiful story is a reminder where we came from, and the rights that are still under attack.

Article: Read the full transcript of Britney Spears’ court hearing statement (CNN)

For a long time, rumours have circled around the details of Britany Spears’ conservatorship, and now as more and more information has come out, nothing is more damming than Spears’ own testimony.

While her personal circumstances are incredibly distressing, this case has provided an important platform for people to learn about disability activism and the lack of autonomy people with disabilities can face. It is a truly frightening legal world that, if used inappropriately, can do incredible harm.

Further reading:

Britney Spears’s Conservatorship Mirrors Reality for Millions with Disabilities (Human Rights Watch)

Britney Spears’ conservatorship and America’s fight for disability rights (MSNBC)

Britney Spears’s Conservatorship Is a Disability Rights Issue That Deserves More Attention (TeenVogue)

Article: Sha’Carri Richardson suspended from US Olympic team after testing positive for marijuana (CNN)

Let. Her. Run!!!

This incredible athlete used marijuana to cope with the emotional stress of losing her mother. This is an edict lacking in humanity. At the very least, there is no evidence to suggest that marijuana usage is performance enhancer for athletes.

Article: Village of Lytton, B.C., evacuated as mayor says ‘the whole town is on fire’ (CBC News)

After demolishing all time heat records, Lytton was destroyed by a fire. In less than 15 minutes, the town went from spotting smoke to being engulfed by flames. I cannot add much but I am devastated for this small community.

Article: ‘The ocean is on fire!’ Circle of flames erupts in the Gulf of Mexico after a gas leak causes an underwater pipeline to ignite before ships rush to extinguish the blaze (DailyMail)

Who had ‘oceans of fire’ on their apocalypse bingo?

Article: ‘Mockery’: Backlash after Ukraine women troops march in heels (Al Jazeera)

This is… objectively bizarre.

Hotel: Accent Inn

Listen, I may just be coming down off the high of sitting next to an AC unit, but Accent Inn saved us during the heat wave.

They had our welcome package ready before we arrived that included a cheeky bandanna for buster and the signature duck.

And the AC. Boy howdy, that AC.

Our small fan dog sits on his bed wearing a blue bandanna. There is an AC unit on the wall behind him.
His bandanna says “I Still Live with My Parents

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