Some up: Nov 29th – Dec 5th

Article: Words and Phrases you May Want To Think Twice about Using (CBC)

This is an interesting and comprehensive list. No doubt you’ve heard some of these before, but it’s important to continue to learn more about how our language can be even more inclusive. Personally, I know I was taken aback by some of these – but that doesn’t mean I won’t seriously consider the writer’s arguments.

And also, if the (continuously disappointing and underperforming) premier of Alberta is going to mock the leader of the opposition just for sharing this with the caption “such an important and interesting read”, we should all be sharing it as far and wide as we can. Anything to annoy Jason Kenney is a good move, in my opinion.

A screenshot of Rachel Notley’s Twitter sharing this article with the caption “such an important and interesting read”
A screenshot of Jason Kenney’s tweet, with the caption “This is just too good not to share. 😂

The NDP can keep on playing word police, I guess.
We'll keep focusing on jobs, the economy, and pipelines!”

Article: It’s Time to Let These Publishing Trends Die (BookRiot)

BookRiot is coming in hot with some truth bombs here. Specifically, “zero expertise, zero fact checking”. We cannot allow for publishers to leave fact checking to the authors who are not experts in these fields.

Like it it not, a published book by a major publishing house adds credibility. To give weight to garbage theories with misconstrued facts, is wholly irresponsible. In my opinion, publishers need to factor in the cost of responsible fact checkers for every non-fiction book they publish, otherwise, the publishing industry as a whole will be at risk. We are in a time of significant misinformation online and sadly from politicians – publishers can and should be a tool in combating this.

Also “book club” stickers. No thank you.

Article: Filmmaker’s doubts help clear man convicted of author Alice Sebold’s rape (Global News)

Alice Sebold has issued an apology, which can be read in full here.

Following up on the news from last week, it is incredible to hear how this injustice was discovered: they were going to make a movie based on the book Lucky. Part of me feels like if we are going to put that level of effort into making a movie, shouldn’t that same level of effort or more have been put into preventing the wrong person being charged?

Article: I sold my eggs for an Ivy League education – but was it worth it? (The Guardian)

This is such a fascinating look at the moral and personal decisions that come with donating eggs. The logistics of harvesting eggs is physically challenging for donors, but that doesn’t specifically take into account the personal feelings and needs of the donor.

If studies are ever done on the long term effects on donors, it would be interesting to see the difference between those who were paid to donate, and those who are not allowed to accept payment for donation (as is the case in Canada).

For me, I wish no person would ever find themselves in a situation where they have to sell literal parts of their bodies. Much less to pursue higher education as this writer did.

Article: The 61 people and Oasis cover band who were snowed into a pub have now been freed (AV Club)

Must… not… make… Wonderwall… joke.

Local spot: Refire Kitchen

Twice this week I needed an easy dinner – and refire was there for me! Both easy and filled with yummy flavours, I highly recommend it if you need a take and bake dinner!

A lovely green kale Caesar salad with croutons and Parmesan.
The most delicious kale Caesar salad I ever did have.
A cheesy lasagne taken from a top down angle.
A wonderful lasagne with Christina-approved amounts of cheese!

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