Some up: Dec 6th- 12th

Article: ‘Hate crime’: Fox News covers its Christmas tree fire for 36 hours straight as major news story (Independent)

I can imagine that it was incredibly frightening for the staff at Fox News to see the fire in front of their place of work, I think the reaction of the network is incredibly telling.

Instead of reporting on the issue with balance and acknowledging that they felt personally attacked, they have spent 36 hours claiming this was a hate crime. This was not a hate crime. We have real, recent examples of hate crimes and it is irresponsible of Fox News to report on the situation as if it is.

And the question has to be asked: what important stories are not being covered because 36 hours of news coverage were devoted to a tree?

Article: How a hate crime opened a road to redemption for a vulnerable teenager in B.C. (Globe and Mail)

(Note that you can read many Globe and Mail articles for free, including this one, but you need to register for an account)

This week, I was reading up on recent examples of hate crimes to better understand the reporting of the Fox News Christmas tree story (above).

I remembered an incident that happened here in Victoria that targeted a Jewish centre and did some follow up googling. I am heartened to hear that an opportunity for restorative justice was taken – and despite the absolutely horrible action, the intention of the aggressor was not malicious. This article really outlines so many reasons why restorative justice can be a force for good in our communities.

Article: Marcus Lamb died of covid-19 after his network discouraged vaccines. But some Christian leaders don’t want to talk about it. (Washington Post)

There is such a significant divide here, it seems an almost insurmountable hurdle to fight misinformation in these communities. I listened to an interesting episode of Conspirituality this week that addresses how to talk to a science denier.

While most people don’t fall into these extremes, I think it’s important to develop skills in empathetically and humanely encouraging others to rethink their beliefs and consider their sources.

Article: Walgreens Employees in California Secure $4.5 Million Wage Deal (Bloomberg Law)

Wage theft is theft. I’m glad at least that these employees are getting some of their money owing back.

Podcast: Amazon’s Illegal Union Busting (Megacorp)

If you don’t like unions and you think Amazon is beyond reproach, I acknowledge that this episode probably won’t convince you. But if you have some concerns, listen to how Amazon managers talk about the potential risk of unions. To flag the phrase “living wage” as watchwords honestly feels dystopian.

I’ve been getting into Jake Hanrahan’s podcasts recently, and I think he might be a really incredible up and coming voice in the podcast sphere. I’ll definitely be keeping an eye out for his upcoming projects.

Podcast: The Miracle Cure (One Year – 1977)

This story is so heartbreaking and is so timely in today’s world. The public desire to fight for miracle cures even when there is no proof is not a new one. This story really made me run the gamut of emotions, and I highly recommend checking it out.

Podcast: A Post-Roe World (Majority 54)

There is so much at risk here. It’s not just about a woman’s right to choose. The republicans have had a decades long plan to fight abortion rights and there is no indication that they will stop there. The Supreme Court, and state level supreme courts are stacked in favour of conservative ideologies, so we really are at a precipice.

Podcast: How much water do you actually need a day? (Body Stuff with Dr. Jen Gunter)

Turns out, for most people, it’s not 8 glasses!

Round Up: Victoria’s Best Restaurants (Tasting Victoria)

Some new places to try and some regular favourites!

Local Spot: Picnic Too

I. Cannot. Stop. Eating. Here.

A top down image of a takeaway bowl with greens and poached eggs on top.
Look at this beautiful breakfast salad!

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