Some up: Dec 27th – Jan 2nd

Happy New Years dear friends!

Article: Jury finds Ghislaine Maxwell guilty of sex trafficking a minor for Jeffrey Epstein and four other charges (CNN)

I cannot imagine the strength it took for these survivors to come forward and tell their story and then to face the cross examination in court. I hope Maxwell’s sentence is appropriate and these survivors are able to find peace.

Article: 22 predictions we made in January, and the 13 we got right (Vox)

This article is an incredibly interesting look at a rough year.

Article: Desmond Tutu’s body lies in state in his old cathedral (BBC News)

I so highly respect Tutu’s dedication to building peace. He spent so much of his life advocating for community building and speaking out on apartheid. I can imagine his community must be heartbroken. Thank you for your hard work and dedication to peace, Archbishop Tutu.

Conscious of his effect on the environment even in his death plans, Tutu’s casket is simple pine and his body will be aquamated.

Summary: 1440’s Daily Email for Dec 31st, 2021 (1440)

I love a year end round up! I think 1440 is a really great daily news source, I highly recommend checking them out for a roundup of new and newsworthy information. Their year end roundup was a good balance of fun and informative!

Article: 100 ways to slightly improve your life without really trying (Guardian)

This was the cutest list! 91 is obviously my guiding life principle.

Article: Woman shouts ‘I still love sharks’ after being attacked by one (New York Post)

Hats off to this shark fan for defending these creatures even after she faced one down.

Movie: Booksmart (2019)

I’m always last to the party but this movie was a laugh riot and an absolute delight!

The booksmart poster featuring two girls with long hair, wearing blue jumpsuits. They face the viewer with inscrutable looks on their faces.

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