Some Up: Jan 3rd-Jan 16th

Article: Hostages safe after Texas synagogue standoff; captor dead (AP News)

I am so thankful that these hostages were freed. This is another in a long line of anti-Semitic hate crimes and we need to be aware of this rising tide of hatred.

The ADL (Anti-Defamation League) is an incredible, robust resource for anyone looking to learn more about the tragedy of anti-semitism that Jewish people face today.

Article: They stormed the Capitol. Now they’re running for office. (Politico)

A year after the seditious attack on the seat of government, no one is facing any real consequences and some of these monsters are running for a seat. And, six of them stand a real shot at getting elected. Absolutely horrible.

Article: Pope Francis says choosing pets over kids is selfish (BBC News)

I think what’s really selfish here is any religion thinking it can make the most private decisions on behalf of your faithful. How would a family who cannot conceive feel if they chose to have pets in their life to bring joy to their lives? How is it fair that a couple choosing not to have children at a time where we are on the edge of irreversible climate disaster are admonished in this way? How is it fair that a couple who don’t feel the calling to be parents choose not to make a family just because of societal pressures, only to have the head of their religion belittle their choice?

Between the chronic sexual abuse within the church and the horrific abuse and murders within the residential schools, the church is the last organization who should have an opinion on children.

Video: Ten years ago, I predicted 2022. Did I get it right? (Tom Scott)

This is a fascinating video from Mr. Scott – some right, some wrong, but definitely worth a watch!

Podcast: Is The CBC So Woke It’s Broke? (Canadaland)

This is a fascinating interview with the infamous Tara Henley, who, despite what she claimed were good intentions, kick started another round of hashtag DefundTheCBC. The host states that he received many angry emails for giving Henley a platform, but I absolutely think someone needed to put pressure on Henley’s claims, and at the same time, acknowledge that under the bravado of her article, there may be legitimate concerns.

Part what Henley claims in this interview aligns with my beliefs – first, she claims she loves the CBC. I love the CBC. And next, if you love an organization (or, I take it further to say a person), to truly love them, you have to honestly and constructively help them address their issues.

That being said, I cannot believe that someone who has worked in radio, television, and print media for as long as she has wouldn’t know what this article would do. It’s absolutely bad faith for Henley to dismiss conservatives taking up the banner of her story as the one and ultimate truth by saying “I have no control of how people read my words”. For Henley to, at the start of the interview extol her experience as being wide reaching and extensive, but then claim she couldn’t know how it would be read is absolutely bad faith. Either the experience she had was not sufficient and therefore she was not qualified to make commentary on the overall status of our national broadcaster, or she does have the experience and then she had to know that conservative voices would use this as a clarion call to defund the allegedly corrupt CBC. It simply cannot be both.

In my opinion, this issue comes down to an employment dispute. As such, the CBC cannot really comment. Henley has serious alllegations but (again, in my opinion) isn’t able to quantify them in any way in this interview. I don’t doubt that there were articles that she pitched that were not taken up, and I would suspect she was probably never given sufficient reasons as to why, which allowed her to fill in the blanks. And, because we are human beings, our confirmation causes us to fill in the blanks with our own reasons.

I recommend listening to Henley’s interview. I don’t buy for a second that she didn’t know her inflammatory language in the article would go viral, but I truly believe that she thinks there is a problem. If an employee believes there is a problem and feels that leaving is a better option than to address it with management, that is a serious issue – it may be a one to one personnel issue, or it might be systemic. From the information Henley has provided, we cannot know.

It just would be nice if Henley would have written an article with more facts, less feelings, and less scorched earth left behind. Because really, how are we supposed to interpret “to work at the CBC in the current climate is to embrace cognitive dissonance and to abandon journalistic integrity” as anything other than a giant middle finger?

The Gawker article referenced in the intro can be read here. In my opinion, it’s a bit mean spirited but it does call into question Henley’s experience on “hard hitting” issues.

Article: Baby lost in chaos of Afghanistan airlift is found and returned to family (BBC News)

What a joy for this family! A small bit of happiness after months of terror wondering where this little one was.

Weather Alert: Tsunami Advisory for BC Coast (Emergency Info BC)

When I look back on this week, I’ll be reminded that I lived through a Tsunami watch due to an eruption in Tonga. We really are so tiny on this giant blue planet. What a strange time.

Article: This Ontario Cat Came Back – After 12 Years on the Lam (CBC News)

Oooh I think it’s time to bring out this gem from the NFB!

Nail polish haul: Death Valley Nails

My Bougie Birthday Haul

Movie: Waking Ned Divine (1998)

11 years ago, I loaned my copy of Waking Ned Divine to a classmate and never saw it again. My dear friend remedied this for my birthday this year by ordering the DVD for me! This comedy remains as charming and irreverent as it was when it came out. Worth a watch if you haven’t seen it recently!

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