Some Up: August 17th-23rd

Podcast: Dolly Parton’s America

Listen, you may not love Dolly Parton, you may not like her vibe, but no one can deny this woman’s talent. This podcast is a bit of a love letter, but even if you aren’t a fan, you can enjoy the history and incredibly wide range of Dolly Parton’s reach and influence. I am not at all embarrassed to admit I cried a few times listening to her powerful lyrics.

This older episode of Malcom Gladwell’s Revisionist History goes into (too) much detail about how country music has an ability to cut through to our heart and soul in a way that other genres aren’t always able to do. It’s a good companion context piece for Dolly Parton’s America.

Parton’s music and who she is, it’s just a fascinating and engaging tale that I think would appeal to more than just old school country fans.

(And what timing – Buzzfeed shared a fun little round up of the best Dolly Parton moments)

Podcast: The Curtain Falls on a big Broadway Company

Spectacular Failures is back for season two! Ober’s storytelling style is engaging and informative, and this engaging episode plays close to this theatre-lovers heart.

A screenshot of the spectacular failures podcast art

PS – if you haven’t had enough of hearing about Trump’s absolute lack of business sense, listen last season’s finale.

Podcast: Full Release with Samantha Bee featuring Kara Swisher

Samantha Bee’s new podcast is a fun pretence – get an interview with all the people who didn’t have time before we were all in lockdown. While I find that Bee’s interview style is flawed in the way that is common of many late night hosts (that is, hilarious people ask simple questions in ways that are far too roundabout), it’s always engaging to listen to the experts talk.

I initially wanted to skip this episode because I didn’t really think Swisher’s area of expertise would appeal to me. I’m so pleased I ran out of things to listen to. Swisher is absolutely riveting and gives a fascinating angle to the daily news and more. Do yourself a favour and listen to this no-nonsense woman cut through the noise (and Bee’s long winded questions).

Article: Ditch the Sweatpants – The Walrus

The Walrus fangirl that I am, I nearly included two this week but I opted to pick the one that’s a little more fun (you’re welcome!)

The premise of this article is really about being yourself and letting your clothes show that person off. Maybe because this lockdown has made me yearn for my favourite consignment shops and the weird, fun pieces I could find and incorporate into my wardrobe. As I’ve gotten older, the clothes I wear are becoming a little more me, and a little more brave. I don’t just have to wear jeans and a graphic tee every day of my life – and there’s nothing wrong with that. So, if you’ve baked one too many sourdough this lockdown, try another project – are your clothes really reflecting you?

Podcast: The Internet Didn’t Kill USPS, It’s Still Vital – Cyber

We’re all talking about USPS this week – probably more than we have in literally decades. But, as the hosts point out, with so much important mail being handled, and being a key pillar in the American government’s doomsday plan, maybe we should be paying a bit more attention.

The hosts break down the technology of USPS, and the history that got this organization to where it is now. It’s more complex than I knew, and it’s not just the Trump administration’s fault, although this administration did make everything worse.

Comic: Toxic Inheritance – The Nib

I’ve been a big fan of The Nib for a few years now. As with many comic based storytelling, the nib can sometimes come across as absurdist or non-factual, but I think they do publish some gems.

I like this comic particularly because it effectively balances visual storytelling with historical context. The artwork is just beautiful, serving the content well. It stuck with me in a way that was powerful – in a way a typical article might not have.

Short Article: Susan B. Anthony Museum Rejects President Trump’s Pardon Of The Suffragist – NPR

Trump pardoned Susan B Anthony for her “illegal” vote – a charge she always thought was absurd – ostensibly to try and distract us from his government’s attempts at voter suppression and his well documented sexism, and in return, the Susan B Anthony museum did not allow to Trump win any cheap points by pretending to be a decent human being.

Sure, some people would argue this is all meaningless, and maybe on some level it is unless people show up in droves to vote Trump out. But on the other hand, there is something delightful about organizations that people assume will go along nicely digging their heels in and demanding better behaviour. Like, say the national parks.

(Now something a little more light)

Makeup: ColourPop’s Mint to Be

Can you tell I love mint colours?

A gift to myself arrived in the mail this week, and it’s even more beautiful than I imagined! The colours are perfect – and in typical colourpop style, they are exceptional quality. Highly recommend!

A close up poorly framed shot of the mint to be palette
It looks way better than the picture I took.

Music: Hawksley Workman’s Just a Dream

What a beautiful and unique track this is! Thank you to CBC Top 20 for introducing us!

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