Some Up: Aug 31- Sept 6

Podcast: The Hacker Who’s Hacking Ventilators to Save Lives (Motherboard)

There’s so much I appreciated learning about in this podcast, but specifically the right to repair. I wasn’t aware of how far reaching the right to repair really is, and this example shows how deadly it can be for hospitals to be denied the right to maintain and repair their equipment.

Article: TikTok Teens Are Exposing Brutal Conditions For Migrant Farmworkers (Vice)

The kids are alright.

There is so much said and written about slacktivism, and the wasted hours on social media. But for all the garbage on social media, there are real examples that show the power of positivity on these platforms.

Article: The Secret Lobotomy of Rosemary Kennedy (Marie Claire)

This is an older article that I found in the comments for this video, but the themes of family embarrassment around disability, mental health and autonomy, and perception in the community all continue to be topical even today.

Rosemary’s heartbreaking story shows the pervasive fear which surrounds disability and mental health issues even today.

Article: The Making of an Incel (The Walrus)

Laidlaw’s article excellently lays out what the incel movement is, but more importantly, how this movement has horrible real world effects.

The article is able to clearly articulate why the incel movement isn’t about sex – it’s about power, it’s about violence, it’s about expectations put on men.

This scary underground world has the potential to spur worse violence, especially if we don’t take it seriously.

YouTube: The Wicked Wit of Jane Austen (TedEd)

I have been increasingly taken in by the TedEd series, and I think this one is a great example. Does it confirm my bias for Jane Austen? Yes. Does it showcase her brilliance as a writer? Also yes.

But this is my blog, so I get to show things I like!

Enjoy this breakdown of Austen’s wit!

Comic: Dog-Park People (The New Yorker)

Being in a dog crazy city, I’ve met all these people… and I might have been one of them. Enjoy this fun little comic!

Nail Polish: Drama at La Scala (OPI)

At some point I became obsessed with nail polish and I don’t know how to go back. OPI’s fall line is beautiful, but Drama at La Scala is especially perfect. Dark moody blue that doesn’t look back? Bring on the fall lineups!!

(For swatches of the full collection, click here)

A screenshot of Kellie Marissa’s video. She has several bottles of nail polish on the rack behind her.
Kellie Marissa’s always got our back when it comes to swatch and reviews.

Yummy Treat: Specialty Flavour Donuts (Empire Donuts)

Living across a donut place is a daily lesson in self restraint… one which I often fail. But with specialty flavours like hibiscus and cold brew coffee, you can’t blame me!

Their regular menu items are incredible, but their special limited edition flavours really sparkle! Treat yourself to a walk and a donut if you’re in the neighborhood.

A screenshot of the case at empire donuts from their Facebook page

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