Some Up: September 7th- 13th

Article: Censoring Science by Screaming Defamation (McGill)

This is a fascinating look at the challenges that science is facing in today’s world. Not just from anti-science politicians, and snake oil salesmen of today in the “wellness” industry, but also the financial challenges of going through these litigations is a level of complexity that shows the hurdles that scientists have to go through.

Comic: You Complete Me (Gemma Correll)

It’s been a rough few months… Correll gets it.

Interview: How We’re Finding Joy During our Fight with Infertility (CBC’s Now or Never)

My classmate from university posted this interview with his wife – and their joy and humour in the face of their fertility challenges was so incredible to hear. I so respect the choice these two have made to look for the joy, and to foster love and respect no matter what they have been through.

Whatever happens next for these two, I appreciate them sharing their story, and inspiring an attitude of love and laughter in their community.

Article: The Eight Secrets to a (Fairly) Fulfilled Life (The Guardian)

I initially did not want to post this because the penultimate piece of advice feels so, so incorrect to me. But, upon re-reading I loved this highlighted piece of advice so, so much I had to include this article in this week’s roundup.

When stumped by a life choice, choose “enlargement” over happiness.

I spend so much of my life chasing happiness, with full acknowledgement that happiness is fleeting (joy, fulfillment, and self-worth however are not – that’s a whole other story). I have avoided doing things that are scary or uncomfortable (which ties into Burkeman’s next piece of advice about tolerating discomfort), but I don’t always frame choices in terms of what is best for me and my growth as a human person.

As with all advice, nothing is a silver bullet. No writer, no matter how wise, can write something that applies to all their readers one hundred percent. But Burkeman’s farewell article hits well on many points – and I genuinely appreciate his insight.

Article: 19 Years After 9/11, Americans Still Fear Foreign Extremists, Yet Underplay Dangers of Domestic Terrorism (Ms Magazine)

I strongly feel that the best way we can honour the victims of the 9/11 American terrorist attacks is to create a world where violent extremism has no place. Unfortunately, as many articles have identified, extremism from within America is a huge threat to the ongoing safety of Americans and arguably the entire planet. By overlooking the biggest threat, danger may be closer than we hope.

Article: The Best Kitchen Gadget of the 1600s Was a Small, Short-Legged Dog (Atlas Obscura)

History is bonkers – I honestly didn’t know anything about this! Thanks once again to Atlas Obscura for bringing the weird and wonderful into our modern world!

Article: Jelly Belly’s Doing the Willy Wonka Thing, Hopefully Without all the Child Torture this Time (A.V. Club)

I appreciate Jelly Belly trying to share a little bit of extra light and love during these difficult times (I would have appreciated it more if it wasn’t for the $50 American price tag during a period where more Americans are unemployed than were during the Great Depression), and I hope this fosters a sense of fun and adventure for people who are feeling like the world is decidedly less magical than it was previously. If you’re an American, get your $50 bucks and get going!

Local Shop: Heart and Sole Shoes

There are enough well-written articles about small business and their positive impact on the economy that I don’t have to extol their virtues. I will, however, advocate for small businesses from a community perspective – that is, small businesses contribute so much personality to the local community, and provide a place to (albeit passively) connect with others in our community.

I know, I really truly know how much more it costs to shop local. I know it isn’t fair to put the burden of economic and environmental recovery solely on the shoulders of consumers. But, I would encourage and implore you that if you have the resources, please support a local business.

This week I visited Heart and Sole shoe store for the first time in too long and I was delighted to find a bustling, friendly environment where staff and shoppers alike encourage purchases and make friendly suggestions (no less than two shoppers and one staff member encouraged me to take home these beauties below!)

Talking to the staff, it is clear that they love the products they sell and know what makes them great. They know exactly what styles run small or large and are upfront about how products will wear because they own and wear them too!

And so, behold, the best pair of shoes I have ever purchased! Thanks, Heart and Sole!

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