Some Up: Oct 26th – Nov 1st

For my mental sanity, I am avoiding the long list of projected breakdowns of the electoral college wins and losses for each presidential candidate. As a Canadian, there’s just not much I can do at this point.

So, instead enjoy a somewhat (I do say somewhat) lighter Some Up this week!

Current events: NXIVM leader Keith Raniere sentenced to 120 years in prison (CBC)

With the 120 year prison sentence handed down, no one can be left wondering if Keith Raniere is guilty. This story has so many twists and turns, it is very difficult to understand what happened. Luckily, CBC podcasts’ first season of Uncover provides a great introduction to this topic.

Article: Meet the Customer Service Reps for Disney and Airbnb Who Have to Pay to Talk to You (ProPublica)

As the work of humans is continued to be devalued, and companies like arise exist to “squeeze wastage out of a typical workday”, the working conditions of the poorest in our society will continue to degrade.

It is not fair to treat these workers like this. It is not fair to pay human beings these wages. It is not fair value people only by what they produce.

I truly believe the gig economy is asking us to partake in our own financial demise. It’s atrocious.

But what depresses me the most is that if you are engaging with these companies, there is no way to avoid this – there is no button to press to say “please only connect me with an agent that you pay at least the federally mandated minimum wage”.

MOOC: Science Literacy (University of Alberta)

The University of Alberta is offering a free online course to help us get a better understanding of the scientific process, how studies work, and how to understand the studies that are published.

It starts today! Will you be my classmate?

Podcast: Fighting Fire with Fire (How to Save a Planet)

I’m loving the How to Save a Planet podcast (yes, I know it’s probably because of how great I think Alex Blumberg is) – and this episode is a really great introduction to the series. Ayana Elizabeth Johnson geeking out over policy is just a delightful part of each episode!

Something Interesting: CBC Ombudsman (CBC)

If you need a brain break, you can do what I do: snoop around on the CBC Ombudsman’s site. It’s interesting to see what people are disagreeing with, what makes them feel unhappy, angry, or uncomfortable. The ombudsman’s response gives an interesting insight into journalistic standards, and best practises.

I’m not selling it well, but it’s really interesting!!

Instagram Profile: Empties Like My Soul

The purpose of this beauty page is to encourage you to buy less and use up what you have. Kai shows you fun ways to pan you palettes, empty your lipsticks, and bottom out those bottles!

This month, we are being encouraged to go through and use our lipsticks, using the hashtag #30DayLippieChallenge

Fiction Podcast: Rabbits (PRA)

This is my favourite podcast from PRA – it’s a little creepy, an unexpected mystery, and the ending… man!

TV Show: Daria

You probably remember this one – I’ve so enjoyed the sardonic late 90s humour and teen angst. Find it on crave if you’re in Canada!

The logo for theanimated TV show Daria. Her round glasses peer over the bottom of the frame.

Ad Campaign: Very Nice! (Kazakh Tourism)

Leaning into the most fake and famous Kazakh citizen Borat, a new ad campaign has launched. This fascinating country has a varied and exciting history, and if quoting Borat is the way to get people interested, so be it!

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