Some Up: Oct 19th – 25th

Article: I Am Not OK (Medium)

What job requires you to accept as a likely outcome on a daily basis, the chance that you will be berated with horrid racial epithets?

Women of colour are expected to calmly move on and take it when their very selves are attacked, over and over again. While most of us acknowledge this as unacceptable, it still keeps happening.

It falls to all of us, to call out our friends and family and colleagues when we hear inappropriate comments. When small innocuous comments are let slide, the bigger and more horrible comments are just one step closer to being acceptable.

World News: End SARS Protests: People ‘Shot Dead’ in Lagos, Nigeria (BBC News)

The #EndSARS situation is a story of unchecked police brutality, and it has again ended in horrible violence. I didn’t know anything about it before this week, and I am saddened at this rampant violence by police.

With trademark wit, Trever Noah’s The Daily Show has done a great job summarizing how this came to be.

Article: Inside the search for the parents of 545 children separated at the border (CNN)

545 children have been separated from their parents for the “crime” of fleeing their country. 545 children do not know where their parents are, or if they are even alive.

In cleaning up the botched job of enforcing inhumane immigration policies, it is now falling to non profits to put families back together. This glimpse into their work is chilling.

Podcast: Moral Combat (Hidden Brain)

What is morality? Is it fundamentally good or fundamentally bad? What is the function or moral outrage?

While I struggle with the concept of moral relativism, I know that dividing lines in politics has the potential to cause massive harm.

This is an incredibly interesting perspective on morality and moral outrage in 2020.

Current Events: 99 years after Tulsa race massacre, unmarked mass grave found in search for victims, official says (USA Today)

I only learned about the Tulsa race riots after I was long out of school. The attacks on what was referred to as “Black Wall Street” was such an obviously racially motivated incident, but was swept under the rug for years.

Researchers now are finding mass graves of some more of the victims of this attack, providing a grim reminders of this dark moment in history.

Stuff you Missed in History Class did a very good episode about this incident if you would like a summary of what happened.

Article: Trump exploited a broken press. Here’s how to fix it. (Vox)

Something is really wrong with how we report on Trump. Veteran journalists give some really excellent insight into what that might be.

Movie: The Farewell (2019)

I am the very last person on the planet to rave about this movie. I bought it almost year ago on iTunes and finally got to sit down and watch it. Awkwafina is beyond incredible in this, and she deserves every ounce of praise she has been given and more.

YouTube: Dolly Parton Watches Fan Covers on YouTube (Glamour)

Man, Dolly Parton is such a gem. What a delight for these artists to have Dolly hear their rendition of her work!

Live Theatre: Belfry announces 2021 Spring Season (Belfry Theatre)

Live theatre is coming back! Slowly but surely, shows are beginning to creep back open again.

I am so very excited for the 2021 spring season at the belfry!

Comic: 9 reasons why I would have been accused of witchcraft in 15th-century Europe (The Lily)

Gemma Correll never fails to make me laugh – I hope you enjoy this one too!

Makeup: Stoned Vibes Eyeshadow Palette (Urban Decay)

I had been hemming and hawing about this one for a while. With not- so-stellar reviews, I wasn’t sure my first fancy palette should be this one.

Luckily, my best friend took the leap and got it for herself – and she was right!!

What a beautiful, fun, sparkly palette!!!

A photograph of the Stoned Vibeseyeshadow palette. There are eight extremely sparkly pans in blue, green, iridescent, purple, orange, grey, silver, and four satin finish pans: two Creme and two purple based browns

Local Spot: Janet’s Special Teas

Up the road about 30 minutes, you’ll reach the little tiny town of Sidney by the Sea. Cute as a button and a perfect place to stop by on a Saturday afternoon- grab a croissant at the bakery and walk to the seaside park.

But my friends know that I always have another stop on my list: Janet’s special teas. With incredible blends the likes of which I have not found elsewhere, Janet’s teas are truly, as the name suggests, special.

Her Lapsang Souchong is the best I have ever had. Her Borengajuli is perfection in a cup. And her Peach Ice Cream makes the best cup of iced tea I have ever had.

Just dipping your toes into the tea world? There are $1 sampler packs of everything she sells – and that will get you 2-3 cups per sampler.

So, if you’re in the neighborhood, pop up and grab a cinnamon swirl donut and then go on into Janet’s – it’s worth the trip.

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