Mindfully Mine:

What it is: Dollar Tea Club’s Peaches and Dream

Why I have it: I’m a member of the monthly tea club! I absolutely love the sampler packs and I think it is such a fun way to try new flavours and complain about the ones I don’t like! Win win!

Monthly members can add a full size tea to their order and avoid extra shipping. So, somehow I ended up with this tea in my collection. I’m guessing it was summer.


  • Fruity fun!
  • Caffeine free
  • Fun fruit flavour (but not a gross artificial type)


  • Zingy, so so zingy.

So, What’s the Deal?

Overall, this tea is really tangy – which is lovely in an iced tea. In a hot tea it just feels like I’m licking a nine volt battery.

I’ll be keeping it for a fun, summer time iced tea, but I wouldn’t recommend it for a hot tea.

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