Some Up: Nov 2nd-8th

2020 Presidential Results: Biden/Harris Win! (NPR)

A deep sigh of relief. These last four years have shown a level of inhumanity in politics that was absolutely shocking and completely devastating.

This is not the end of the cruelty humans can inflict on one another. This is our call to action to do better. We have to do better.

But this is good news. This is a joyful day! Congratulations to Kamala Harris – the first female and person of colour to hold this position! What an inspiration to young people.

Article: Trump Team Holds News Conference Outside Drab Landscaping Firm, Next to Adult Book Store (Slate)

Trump tweeted about his team’s upcoming conference at the Four Seasons hotel, then changed the tweet when the hotel tweeted out that they had no booking for his party. It was later revealed that the team was booked into a landscaping firm which is located next to an adult bookstore and across the street from a crematory.

The visual here is so hilarious to me that I cannot help but engage in a bit of schadenfreude at the absolute boondoggle that is this administration.

Video: Stephen Rips Up the Monologue and Starts over after Trump’s Heartbreaking Thursday Night Lie Fest (YouTube)

Before the results were close enough to call, Trump got up and lied to the American people – and it was such a barefaced attempt to subvert democracy that it moved Stephen Colbert to tears.

When the comedians can’t laugh, you know things are serious.

Video: Watch John McCain’s notable concession speech from the 2008 election (Now This)

This is the concession speech we should be getting. We won’t get it, because Trump is wildly inarticulate and wholly self obsessed.

As a politician, McCain made decisions I did not think were appropriate, but he was a man of conviction and stood up for unity and togetherness.

Article: Doug Ford Wants This Bible College to Grant Science Degrees. It Supports a TV Channel That Pushes COVID-19 Conspiracies. (PressProgress)

It is wildly inappropriate that government funds would go to an organization that denies science to this degree, but then to allow them to then grant science degrees – it’s absolutely unacceptable.

Farewell: Alex Trebek, host of ‘Jeopardy!,’ dies after battle with pancreatic cancer (Global News)

Alex Trebek was such an incredible man and advocate for learning. He made being smart cool, and he remained humble no matter how well loved he was. He offered a calming, steady, and joyful presence in our lives.

He will be so sorely and deeply missed.

A blue text box in with jeapardy style text reading “the unflappable game show host reassured millions of viewers over 8000 shows that there are definitive answers & the truth is not relative”

Article: 28 Practical Habits And Tips To Become A More Supportive Friend Or Partner (Buzzfeed)

Sometimes Buzzfeed produces some really good content. This round up style article gives excellent reminders of how we can look out for our friends and loved ones, and foster strong relationships.

***Mandalorian Spoiler Alert***

I love this season! And this may be my favourite thing that has happened!!!

Speaking of, look at these adorable shirts from TeeTurtle that I got for my partner and I!

A close up of my partner and I wearing  tshirts with cartoon versions of the child and the mudhorn from the mandalorian

Podcast: The Many Lives of Michael Malloy (Criminal)

It has been a hot minute since I shared a Criminal podcast episode. This episode would be funny if it were fiction, but it is a strange case of murder that you truly could not see coming.

Article: Stop calling it guilty pleasure: Chilly Gonzales wants us to embrace our tastes without the fear of judgement (CBC)

I so, SO agree! Let us find joy in this world. Let us find things that make us happy. Let us enjoy the things that bring a little extra light.

So long as you aren’t hurting someone, put on the Enya, watch that tv show that doesn’t offer any educational value, or play a video game just because you like it!

Small Company: Happy Hippo Bath Company

I have loved Happy Hippo for years, as they were also keen to donate to silent auction fundraisers during my university days. Their products smell amazing and do exactly what they say they will. Now as a grown up, I have learned more about them and I love their mission, and employee set up!

If you are looking for a woman owned Canadian small business to support (Christmas is coming!), I highly recommend Happy Hippo!

Bonus fun! You can lick and stick the packing peanuts and create fun shapes, and when you’re done, then they melt away with water.

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