Some Up: Nov 16th – 22nd

Article: Donald Trump is the truest face of the United States – Opinion (Al Jazeera)

This article makes me uncomfortable. I want to believe that the Trump administration was the worst administration, which I still believe is true. But I don’t want to believe that narcissism, hatred, and nepotism are rampant in politics. That being said, there are some good discussion points here.

I truly believe that the rampant cronyism and degradation of environmental and social organizations, and the unbridled racism of Trump’s administration is truly unmatched. Whatever we say about him, however, many of the presidents who I admire have scathing legacies.

It wasn’t the Trump administration who built those cages to house children – it was the Obama administration (yes, they were used differently and not with the same intent, but if we are arguing morality…). Clinton, despite giving us RBG, was accused of at least one if not more credible sexual assaults. Also, let’s not lose sight of this- he was impeached, resulting from an investigation that began with his business dealings. Even the beloved Jimmy Carter – nah, that guy is gold. Don’t bother convincing me otherwise. (I acknowledge my blind spot here.) He sold his peanut farm!

But truly, If we’re going to argue morality in the presidency, no one is fully ethical. But I want to believe that those who go into public service do so with gravitas and a heartfelt commitment to bettering their communities.

But what if my faith and beliefs are wrong? What if good, caring people are the exception to the rule instead of the norm? I don’t want this article to be true. But I’m surely going to spend a lot more energy and effort paying attention.

Article: Mo Willems Has a Message for Parents: He’s Not on Your Side (NY Times)

Back in the day, I would almost never lead a story time without a Willems story – his humour is perfect, his characters are so simple yet endearing. I am delighted to get this glimpse into who he is!

“Show them you’re fumbling”. What an amazing way to relate to the kids in your life. Heck, isn’t this level of vulnerability the way to get closer in any relationship in our lives?

“Screw the future, we’re the present”. What a call to arms – it’s not about continuing to hope that the next generation does better – we have to do better, and we have to do better now.

Article: My body went viral twice. This is how it felt (CNN Style)

The politics of seeing others, of seeing bodies that are not thin, white, and conventionally attractive has come up for debate over and over and over again.

In an era where information and opinions share at the speed of social media, our ability to talk ad nauseam about other people’s bodies can produce a wall of unrelenting negativity. Can’t we just let people live their lives?

Article: Telling Male Friends ‘I Love You’ Is A Muscle Guys Need To Flex Every Day – Opinion (Huffington Post)

I want to live in a world where men are normalized in saying deep, heartfelt “I love you”s to their friends. The connection between friends is undoubtedly love – it can bolster our spirits, lift us up in hard times, it can bring joy, and make our days happier. Men are often socialized in North America to only say I love you to their mothers and spouses. But what a deep and meaningful thing to look at someone who brings you joy and who you can trust and rely on and truly tell them what they mean to you.

Comic: Cruel and Usual: The History of Lethal Injection (The Nib)

I have been hearing references to expired medicine being used in lethal injections, but I had not previously understood how horrible lethal injection really is. I have always believed that the death penalty is morally wrong, and these images further remind me of how reprehensible the death penalty is.

John Oliver, way back in his first season of last week tonight did a segment on the practical reasons why the death penalty makes no sense.

Mental Health Resource: Woebot

This has been a difficult week. With further restrictions and skyrocketing cases, it is hard to know when we will be able to get together with our friends, hug our parents, or kiss the cheeks of our nieces and nephews again.

It’s easy to feel isolated, alone, anxious, or depressed as we’re home every day, almost all day. I have really enjoyed getting to know this sweet little bot who walks you through CBT activities on a daily basis.

I am so fortunate that my partner’s work and my own make mental health care a priority by both offering free programs and making mental health supports a covered item in our healthcare coverage. That being said, I know I am one of the lucky ones. Mental healthcare can be expensive, and it can be daunting to access because not every mental health tool will be effective for everyone.

I hope you have the ability to access the health care you need. You deserve to feel like yourself even in these difficult times. You are worth it, and I hope you are doing ok.

If you don’t have access to healthcare from your work, you can access free mental health resources here.

Article: People Are Understandably Furious Over This New Naked Statue of Pioneering Feminist Mary Wollstonecraft in London (ArtNet News)

*sigh* even after reading the artist’s statement, I have to roll my eyes. What an absolute boondoggle.

Webcomic: Ten Years (XKCD)

Tell me you didn’t well up a bit.

Holiday News: Tiny owl rescued from Rockefeller Center Christmas tree that traveled 170 miles to NYC (NBC News)

Well, that is the cutest thing ever!!! Glad the little one is ok!

Local Spot: Maiiz Nixtamal

After my visit to Fisgard market this week, I went up to Fan Tan alley to the Kid Sister ice cream location. I remembered reading there was something else there that I wanted to try.

Enter, Maiiz! These amazing tortillas are beautiful – they sell everything you need to take home and make a delicious meal yourself. I had the chicken sausage and it came together beautifully – I didn’t even need to season it!

Highly recommend a visit if you are in the area – it beats any takeout or home meal kit!

A black background with a maiiz tortilla - underneath it says “with calciium“

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