From My Brain: A Lament for Cheesefest

Today was supposed to be Cheesefest 2020.

We were going to rent a private movie theatre and space out a small group of friends to watch a cheesy movie. This year we couldn’t potluck cheese the way we used to, but the movie theatre had shakers of cheese flavouring to artificially flavour our popcorn to foster the cheese love that would normally bring us together.

But this year likes to throw us curveballs and Cheesefest is postponed until it’s safe.

Cheesefest, for those of you who do not know, is the celebration of cheesy movies and cheese based foods.

Cheesefest is a time to come together and laugh and snipe and get a little bloated while eating your weight in cheese.

Cheesefest is a moment in time where you can take a moment to laugh and enjoy, before the holiday season kicks into full gear and things can begin to feel hectic.

Cheesefest is silly, I know. But the coming together to laugh, to share, and to be joyful together is not.

Cheesefest came out of my post divorce era. I was desperate to feel connected and feel safe. My friends, as they always did, and always do, rallied around me to make cheese puns and share a cheese pull. And it was fun. It had been so long since I had gotten to be truly, joyfully, giddily myself and just enjoy a moment. And that’s where Cheesefest began.

Cheesefest was a little stepping stone that I could rest on in the tumultuous path of emotions that I was navigating.

So Cheesefest is at it’s core, very silly. But at the same time, it’s not.

I’m not sad that Cheesefest has to be postponed because everyone I know is safe. I’m not sad because I know there will be another chance to celebrate truly terrible movies together in the future.

I miss my friends dearly, but I’m happy, I’m safe, and I’m able to cope with everything happening. I have a partner who loves me and fills me with joy, and a little dog who wears any sweater I put on him without much fuss.

I will miss my friends tonight. I miss them all the time, but tonight especially. I’ll miss making quips and dissecting moon cheese. I’ll miss trying to discern what on earth a director, writer, or actor was trying to achieve, and I’ll miss trying to foist cheese tea on my guests (that was a miss).

So, if you want, celebrate with someone in your bubble and have a Brie or a Camembert or heck, even a cheese whiz and enjoy a few laughs together. Because really, that is what Cheesefest is all about.

For my part, I indulged in the triple grilled cheese – brie, cheddar as old as the hills, and mozzarella for that perfect cheese pull.

A sandwich cut in half with white cheese melting from it.
I know it looks burned but I swear it is perfection.

There’s a reason we say that Cheesefest is always in your heart. Partially the arterial clogging, but also partially the love for your friends.

Happy Cheesefest, all. Until we can do it all together again.

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