Some Up: Nov 30th – Dec 6th

Canadian History: École Polytechnique Tragedy (The Canadian Encyclopedia)

31 years ago in Montreal at the École Polytechnique, the lives of fourteen women were ended at the hands of a hateful gunman.

These fourteen women are named as: Geneviève Bergeron; Hélène Colgan; Nathalie Croteau; Barbara Daigneault; Anne-Marie Edward; Maud Haviernick; Barbara Klucznik-Widajewicz; Maryse Laganière; Maryse Leclair; Anne-Marie Lemay; Sonia Pelletier; Michèle Richard; Annie St-Arneault ; and Annie Turcotte.

They were women with hopes and dreams, they were people whose only crime was pursuing education. The community, and our country, was irreparably changed that day.

There is so much written about that day that my voice on this subject feels trite. But I hope that by taking a moment to remember this tragedy, that I will never take for granted the education that I have been able to pursue.

If you are able to financially show support, the Canadian Engineering Memorial Fund was established to celebrate and memorialize the lives of these women, while helping future generations pursue their goals.

News: Kenney quiet on protesters after issuing COVID-19 ‘wake up call’ to South Asian community (CTV News)

From a political perspective, I don’t feel like this is an appropriate or an effective tactic. Calling out a specific group of people only serves to let other groups feel like they are off the hook, and place shame and blame on those who are called out. Shame and blame does not work to change bad behaviour.

Personally, I think to go on air and call out a group of people from an ethnic background without acknowledging that a portion of this ethnic background are also working these front line service jobs that cannot be done remotely is deplorable. To do so while at the same time choosing to not vehemently denounce the anti mask protesters is politicking at it’s worst. Shame on you, Premier Kenney.

Article: Tracking the Trump Administration’s “Midnight Regulations” (ProPublica)

He may be a lame duck president, but he’s certainly going out kicking. Follow along as he strips environmental protections, allows states to kill death row prisoners by any means possible, and who even knows what DeVos has up her sleeves?

Podcast: Lame Duck (What Trump Can Teach us About Con Law)

I have had this podcast on my list since pretty much as soon as it launched but only began to start listening this week. This is an incredible look at what the law actually says – and why Trump is able to take advantage of the system the way he does. This episode is an interesting look at what could happen next.

Picture Essay: 2020 The Year in Pictures (CNN)

Keep an eye on this one as it will be updated! But what struck me is what a time warp I’ve been in – like that was this year? Wild times. Scary year.

Article: Report Finds BC’s Kids with Disabilities ‘Left Out’ During Pandemic (The Tyee)

In what is already a difficult year, it’s hard to hear that those who need the most support are getting left behind.

Article: There’s insufficient evidence your sunscreen harms coral reefs (The Conversation)

This is one of these things that I wrestle with – what is the impact of one person. When faced with the catastrophic mess facing our planet, what is the impact that consumers can really have? I don’t believe it’s nothing but I also don’t believe that steps that are so tiny like banning sunscreen when there is no evidence that it will help is the way to proceed.

YouTube Video: Death of the Author 2: Rowling Boogaloo (Lindsay Ellis)

I have just recently found Lindsay Ellis’ YouTube critiques, and I really enjoy them!

Her look at the concept of death of the author was incredibly interesting, but Rowling’s recent comments forced her to re evaluate her thoughts and release this video.

I think Ellis’ thoughts are important in the face of the new world where an author is so inextricably linked to their work.

Podcast: Episode 6: The Trouble with America’s Captive Tigers (Overheard at National Geographic)

If you watched Tiger King, you probably know about the problems that plague these roadside zoos. If not, this is a great summary of the ethical quagmire that these supposed “environmentally minded” organizations cause for big cats. With a larger population of tigers in captivity than exist in the wild, we need to be aware that these zoos do not help big cats. We need to spend this energy and effort on proper conservation.

Article: How German Librarians Finally Caught an Elusive Book Thief (Atlas Obscura)

Can someone please make a movie about this? This story is wild!

Article: Candy Land Was Invented for Polio Wards (The Atlantic)

What an interesting look at this ubiquitous game! I loved it as a kid – you?

Podcast: The Newsboys Strike of 1899 (You’re Wrong About)

If you know me, you know I loved the movie Newsies. Having watched it recently, it completely holds up! I mean, really dumb choreography in the song Santa Fe aside.

I was delighted to find that the duo of You’re Wrong About released a two parter about the real history behind this movie.

Don’t forget to check out part 2!

Article: 100 Notable Books of 2020 (The New York Times)

There are so many incredible books that came out this year! This list inspired me – I hope it inspires you too.

I found this list of short books (compiled by BookRiot) to be really great as well!

Article: These things brought us joy in a tough year. We’re sharing them with you. (The Lily)

I love seeing little moments of joy – what brings you joy during this writ year?

Photographer: Paul Zizka

Whenever I feel a little homesick, Zizka’s work is a beautiful reminder of the natural wonders in my home province.

Local Spot: BrüBike

I am so fortunate to live in a place where I am literally steps away from several food stores, including, very often the delightful BrüBike!

I defy anyone to find a better hot chocolate anywhere!

An image of a white to go cup with the BruBike logo on it.
The best treat: a BrüBike hot chocolate
A small white and tan dog wearing a striped sweater.
Good News From Here: Buster is healing well and set to have his stitches removed on Tuesday!

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