Some Up: Dec 7th – 13th

Article: Government quietly made ‘back door’ agreement with U.S. that could undermine treaty on plastic waste (CBC)

After my plastic revelation a few weeks ago, I was so disappointed to hear that our federal government has created another loophole for us to keep paying lip service to plastic waste reduction. Disappointing.

Podcast: A vaccine’s approved. What’s in the shot? (Front Burner)

With vaccine hesitancy at an all time high, even in my own circle of friends, please take some time to listen to why this vaccine has every possible chance of being just as safe any other vaccine we utilize.

Article: He Designed A Smartwatch App To Help Stop His Dad’s Nightmares (NPR)

What an incredible and impressive use of technology to help his father overcome a debilitating issue.

Podcast: How The Rat Blew Up (Planet Money)

This is a fascinating look at a completely unique aspect of how unions work.

News: ‘Havana Syndrome’ likely caused by pulsed microwave energy, government study finds (NBC News)

This has been such a strange story to follow – and this is such a weird conclusion.

News: Both powerful and powerless, America’s 538 electors include a Maine high-schooler (Globe and Mail)

As an outsider, this is an incredibly strange part of the American electoral process.

Opinion: Was Canucks singer a victim of cancel culture? Not really, says HR expert (CTV News)

An interesting perspective about the ethics and legality of firing someone for taking part in an anti-mask rally.

Podcast: Should We Go Nuclear? (How to Save a Planet)

I know I’m predisposed to anything that Alex Blumberg does, and How to Save a Planet is no different. This podcast raised so many questions and I had some interesting discussions with friends after listening to this one!

Article: What is the Internet Doing to Boomers’ Brains? (Huffpost)

I generally don’t like articles that look at generational trends, as they tend to deny individual choices and actions – however, this article, and the discussion about it on the writer’s podcast You’re Wrong About provided some interesting insight into how news media slant can lead people down the path of conspiracy theories.

Listen to Losing Relatives to Fox News here.

YouTube Video: How Philadelphia Handled the 1918 Influenza Pandemic Caitlin Doughty (Mütter Museum)

A few months before the pandemic Caitlin Doughty (of Ask a Mortician) met up with Anna Dhoty from the Mütter Museum and talked about how a pandemic might play out in our modern world. It was… somewhat prophetic.

(The pair created an updated video and in it promised their viewers that they are not witches or soothsayers – it’s a little long and needs a bit of editing- but it’s an interesting look at the ethics of death in 2020.)

Article: The 9 films that explain the legendary Studio Ghibli (Vox)

This is a great welcome to Studio Ghibli’s collection – I was so delighted to see the collection on Netflix Canada earlier this year!

Podcast: The Squiz Today

I love starting my day with a news summary from the squiz – due to time zones it’s usually a bit behind, but this light and bright summary gives me a bit of extra information and context to the news stories of the day.

Local Spot: The Papery

We are so fortunate to have wonderful local shops in town – and papery is one of my favourites. Just recently the Papery moved up the street to a bigger location and they are settling in nicely.

The Papery has an incredible collection of gifts, notebooks, wrapping paper, Christmas curios, and beautiful pens and other writing accoutrements.

Stop by for those perfect stocking stuffers or gifts!

Four photos of Christmas wares from the Papery’s website.
A selection of wares from the papery!

Bonus: Buster’s Christmas Haircut

Buster sits on the sofa wearing a new doggie tie affixed to his collar

Buster has been getting groomed by Anne at Eagle Creek Bosley’s for a few years now – she is so caring and attentive to his weird foibles and squeaks. She’s wonderful!

Buster came home with a little jingley festive tie and smelling nice just in time for Christmas! Good dog!

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