Some Up: Dec 14th – 20th

Article: No one has lost quite like Donald Trump in nearly 150 years (CBC)

Like, seriously. Can we be done with this now? The court cases, the lies, all of it… it’s just exhausting at this point.

If you’re as done with Trump as I am, and have a lot of extra cash, why not bid to blow up Trump’s old casino?

Article: A Private Jet, A Flight Across State And A Race For COVID-19 Tests To Make Graduation (NPR)

What an incredible way to make this happen for these graduates!

Article/Video: How gloves brought the music back to the maestro (CNN)

How empowering it must be to fulfil your life’s joy through this incredible technology!

YouTube: Artists & Fandoms (Philosophy Tube)

With over the top costume changes, excellent references, a dash of humour and a unique way of looking at everything, I really have enjoyed learning through Philosophy Tube’s style. This video is ambitious in scope and appeals to this theatre nerd’s heart.

Podcast: Activism and Unrest (The Frost Tapes)

I have been loving this series looking back at the career highlights of Frost – this one especially gives an interesting context to our current political climate.

Article: Sooke musician releases album for former partner who tragically died from heart attack (Victoria News)

Grief comes through in so many ways. What a beautiful way to honour her late partner. You can listen to a full stream linked in the body of the article.

Article: No, There Are No Microchips in Coronavirus Vaccines (The New York Times)

If you are fearful of these vaccines, please know that there is science to back up the safety claims, and there is no conspiracy to track you with microchips.

Long Form Podcast: The Immaculate Deception (Somethin’ Else)

As the podcast points out, people going through fertility treatments are forced to put their trust wholly in the hands of their doctors. When that trust is abused, the results can be heartbreaking.

Fundraiser: Tastes from Home (UNHCR)

If you are unable to make a monetary donation, a fun way to support the United Nations Refugee Agency is to download their cookbook – for each copy downloaded, an anonymous donor will make a donation.

Article: ‘The platypuses were glowing’: the secret light of Australia’s marsupials (The Guardian)

My pals and I were having a virtual hangout, and as you do, the topic of glow in the dark animals came up. Enjoy!

Local spot: Hot and Cold Cafe

No one in all of Victoria makes a better focaccia than the crew at Hot and Cold. Their breakfast sandwiches can make even the most grumpy of mornings a little better. And me, as a salad hater, I have to admit their salads are delicious enough to temp even I.

Stop by, enjoy something delicious, and enjoy a wander around Cook Street Village!

A Christmas tree festooned with white lights and many ornaments.
Almost Christmas! Are you ready?

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