Some Up: Dec 28th – Jan 3rd

Article: The Journalist and the Pharma Bro (Elle)

I think we all have feelings about the Pharma Bro. His company’s well publicized increase in prices of essential medications was seen as absolutely despicable. He has gotten into numerous bizarre Twitter wars, has said wildly offensive things – all of this makes Shkreli a lightning rod for public ire. This new chapter in his life story with Christie Smythe adds a level of complexity that is just… bizarre.

Article: Feeling Socially Awkward? Even Extroverts Are a Little Rusty (The New York Times)

I was in a committee meeting by zoom a few weeks ago and I spoke up to join the discussion, and I completely froze up. I had to take a second to compose myself before I was able to say what I wanted to. I have never in my life had issues speaking in front of people – until now I guess. It really threw me for a loop and I couldn’t stop thinking about it for a number of days.

Crowds seem more overwhelming, small talk seems a bit trickier – another symptom of our Covid-19 world.

Article: Trickle-down’ tax cuts make the rich richer but are of no value to overall economy, study finds (The Washington Post)

In a surprise to no one, 50 years of data has been evaluated, and trickle down economics only make the rich richer.

Can we please stop giving them tax cuts?

Article: Why tens of thousands of farmers are blocking roads into India’s capital city (Vox)

After Rupi Kaur posted her op-ed about the situation, it was evident to me that I don’t have a strong understanding of the root causes of the farmer’s strike in India. I found this Vox article a pretty good primer of this resistance movement.

Long Form Podcast: Chameleon: Hollywood Con Queen (Campfire Media)

Strap yourself in for this wild ride all about the strangest con I have ever heard about. The trailer makes it sound like it’s ripped from a Hollywood movie, but this is real life!

Photo Essay: Need A Reminder Of How Gorgeous Earth Is? Peep These Photo Award Winners (NPR)

Take a deep breath, enjoy these incredible photographs.

Movie: Soul (Pixar)

I thought Soul was incredibly ambitious, in it’s attempt to wrangle the metaphysical nature of the universe and a purpose driven life, it tells a humane story that clips along at a really decent pace. I found the humour disarming enough to deal with the big heavy themes, and the tender moments were really earned. In the same breath, this is a love letter to the arts, a philosophical quandary, and a sardonic look at every day life… and it is so, so beautifully told.

I unfortunately don’t think it’ll be a fan favourite, but I really loved it. Highly recommend!

A screenshot of the Soul trailer -  an animated man wearing a sweater and a blazer. Below him are the words “Official Trailer”.

Youtube: The Dogs of 2020 (WeRateDogs)

Good dogs all around!

Makeup: ColourPop’s The Child palette

Christmas was a different experience than in other years, but I was lucky to be able to video chat with family and friends.

I was also spoiled absolutely rotten – and this little palette was a top favourite! What at first appears to be a novelty palette, this great nine pan eyeshadow collection is so wearable and has such a well thought out collection of colours and finishes. It is absolutely great and I recommend it to anyone!

A nine pan eyeshadow palette with green and brown shadows. There is a mirror and an illustrated image of the child from the Mandalorian - it says  cutest in the galaxy.

(ColourPop fans may enjoy Makeup Just for Fun’s video ranking all of ColourPop’s 2020 eyeshadow palettes!)

(Psst – today is my birthday! 🙂 but if you’re reading this you’re probably my friend already and so you probably know that.)

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