Some Up: Dec 21st – 27th

A short post this week as I have been enjoying virtual family and friend chats, Boxing Day sales that should arrive just in time for my birthday, and lots of movies! (For example, I know I’m late to the party – like decades late – but I finally saw Yentl and I absolutely adored it!)

Article: Millennials Control Just 4.2 Percent of US Wealth, 4 Times Poorer Than Baby Boomers Were At Age 34 (Newsweek)

Well this is a bunch of sobering statistics. It’s so hard not to feel despondent when reading stuff like this.

Article: Unreliable news sites more than doubled their share of social media engagement in 2020 (NewsGuard)

Mindful of the source (an add-on that helps you verify the trustworthiness of your sources), the information seems solid – and is incredibly disappointing.

In a year where more than ever, we need to rely on the science and seek out objective truth, more and more half baked ideas are being touted as reality and fringe theories are less and less living in the shadows.

Benefit: BC Recovery Benefit (Government of BC)

If you are a BC resident you can learn more about this benefit at the link above. If you are eligible, you can apply at the link at the bottom of the page.

YouTube: The Bubonic Plague… in San Francisco? (Ask a Mortician)

Um, so I for one didn’t know that there was an outbreak of the plague in San Francisco in 1901 – nor did I know about the bungled response by government entities trying to convince everyone that everything was totally fine. Thanks to Ask a Mortician, I do now! And what a wild story it is.

Article: 2020 had some significant silver linings. Here are 7 of them. (Vox)

This is usually the time of year where every news source does a buzzfeed-style saccharine roundup of ponies getting pulled out of wells and children planting trees. Vox responded to our unprecedented year with an honest nod to how hard it has been, but also some silver linings that we may see come out of 2020.

Podcast: The Year in Good News (The Daily)

If you need a good cry, The Daily has your back.

Photos: 16 stunning shots of Victoria’s first snowfall of the season (Victoria Buzz)

Our little city had it’s first snowfall of the season, and for the little while it stuck around, it was absolutely beautiful!

Local Spot: Moka House Cook street

Our local Moka house has been a little beacon of normalcy in the quagmire that has been 2020. And as soon as they brought out their seasonal favourites, we’ve been enjoying a few extra visits – my partner loves the nog fog and I love the snowflake fog. Nothing better than a warm drink on a cool day!

An image of a white to go cup with a black lid
There’s a Snowflake Fog in there – the BEST seasonal treat Moka house sells!

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