Some Up: January 11th – 17th

I’m struggling to write something this week.

I’m sad about my grandma, I’m struggling to connect to the core of my heart’s self on an everyday basis, and I’m struggling seeing our American neighbours finding so many scary truths about the seditious attacks on the capitol last week. And, well, I’m scared that the right wing extremism will take hold here even further.

Or another terrible option: racism will politely continue and we’ll continue to politely ignore it here.

So, that’s all to say that my heart just isn’t up to going through my read list and diving in deep.

Instead, here are some gentle lovely things that are in my world this week.

Spark 2021 at the Belfry! (Belfry Theatre)

I’m so excited to see that the Belfry is giving us access to new and exciting works – I’m so looking forward to checking these out!

Disclosure: I had the opportunity to work at the Belfry covering a parental leave. It was an awesome work experience and I am wholly biased about the incredible work they do.

Fluffy Homemade Waffle Recipe (Spend with Pennies)

This is the waffle recipe I use – it’s A+ (even though the layout isn’t great.)

Tetyana V Tailoring

If you need anything altered, I absolutely recommend the services of Tetyana V. She finished four items for me, in less time than I thought, and for less than half of what I estimated to pay.

Cook with a Chef

This is an idea started by Julie Van Rosendaal to support Calgarian chefs who are struggling during these difficult times. Take a cooking class with the very best in the Calgary food scene and show your support for this hard hit industry!

2021 Victoria Film Fest

I am so excited to see that our friends at Victoria Film fest have set up an online portal for us to enjoy some great films! Looking forward to taking these in!

Hi Imgur, I made animations to help us all take a deep breath (nathanwpyle2)

These aren’t new, but if you are feeling tension in your neck or shoulders, breathe along for a few rounds with these calming illustrations.

Burt’s Bees Glossy Lipstick in Rose Falls

My sweet partner got me a little gift on a particularly difficult day – it’s a great formula and a lovely colour. And it’s from him so that makes it extra special.

With love, and to a better week ahead, my dear readers.

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