Mindfully Mine: Palette Challenge

Many youtubers have done this tag… almost about a year ago.

Not one to follow the crowds, I’ll be doing this makeup tag without doing a video and well past the stale date of the tag. Enjoy!

Show your Newest Palette

My newest palette was a gift from my best pal on my birthday: the incredible Magnetic Spirit palette from Rare Beauty. It it 100% up my alley – beautiful shimmery colours that wear perfectly all day without even trying.

Show your Oldest Palette

This CoverGirl TruNaked brown neutral palette is so old that it is in the old style packaging. This generation of Covergirl was pretty good – so much so that I’ve replaced other palettes (the chocolate scented one!) and found that the quality was way worse. Overall, this one is still ok, but I’ll definitely need to reevaluate it when the time comes for a cleanup.

Show your Most Expensive Palette

This palette retails for $68 (I’m sure I got it on sale… right??)- Urban Decay’s Stoned Vibes palette is a completely unique texture and I absolutely love it. There are some so-so reviews, but this palette is a shimmering, stunning collection of shades that are incredible day or night!

Show your Most Affordable Palette

These city mini palettes (I think) are the most affordable palettes I own (especially since I got mine on clearance). They’re not all the same quality but for the most part, they really are excellent, fun palettes.

Show your Everyday Palette

I think the Garden Variety Palette by ColourPop is perfect for any day or evening look – it is so incredibly versatile… and the packaging is beyond beautiful to boot!

Show your Most Colorful Palette

NYX’s Modern Dreamer palette is incredibly fun and diverse! I think their Swear by It palette is a little more consistent in quality, but this is still a fun palette to create almost any look!

Show your Smallest Palette

This little bronze shimmer wave palette by the Body Shop is full shimmer – lovely to add a touch of shine to any look, but difficult to build a full look without help. Really lovely quality, and it can be used on face or body!

Show your Biggest Palette

This beauty by Makeup Revolution and Emily Noel is as big as the NYX large size palette, but a little thicker. The full size mirror adds a bit of weight, but it really is such a lovely mirror, it’s completely worth it.

Important Update (2021-01-22): my independent makeup fact checker and dear friend reminded me that this is not the biggest palette I own. No, the biggest palette I own is over 2 feet long when fully extended, and is over 3” thick when fully compact. This behemoth is the Physician’s Formula Ultimate Murumuru Butter Collection. The packaging is a beast and is coloured like barbie’s dream house from the 90s, and I could not love it more.

Show your Palette with the Best Memory

My partner got this for me as a part of the ColourPop and Disney Villains collection. When we moved in together, I got to play with the whole collection – it was such a beautiful gift from him and was such a special time for us.

Show a Palette Worth the Hype

When everyone started talking about Juvia’s Place makeup, I wondered if it was really as good as everyone said it was. I got to experience the Warrior palette and it is incredible – blends beautifully, wears perfectly, and the textures are just wonderful!

Show a Palette not Worth the Hype

This breaks my heart a little because really, who doesn’t love Sailor Moon? The Pretty Guardian palette is absolutely a cute collection, but the colours really only lend themselves to one or two looks. It’s a really sweet item, but it just isn’t that practical.

Show your Favorite Palette from a Favorite Brand

Brand new to my collection, the Mandalorian palette has stolen my heart completely. A beautiful collection of greens, browns, and a touch of cute details, the Child palette creates a perfect little palette.

Show your Most used Palette

Since this isn’t technically a palette, but a collection of shadows that ColourPop sold as a bundle, I wasn’t sure to include it. However, it was my first ColourPop palette, and the pigmentation of every shadow is perfect. There is so much room to play here!

What Palette did you Rediscover through This Tag

This little Brick Fun Owl palette from Dito Cosmetics is full shimmer, but when used with a neutral palette, it creates beautiful looks – I haven’t used it in a while but I’m excited to pull it out again and play!

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