Some Up: Aug 16-22

Article: The Taliban have been in charge of Kabul for 48 hours. Women have already disappeared from the streets (CNN)

Heartbreaking. Utterly heartbreaking. The total decimation following 20 years of war has left women and girls especially vulnerable. We should have seen this coming, we should have known that the Taliban would step back into power as soon as western forces pulled out.

I have always felt that one of the best ways to connect with big issues is through compelling storytelling. A Mighty Girl has collected a list of books about living under the Taliban rule.

Article: She was the only member of Congress to vote against war in Afghanistan. Some called her a traitor. (Washington Post)

Thank you to Rep. Lee for your stalwart courage and unwavering conviction to stand up for the rights of the Afghan people. Recently, Lee is quoted as having said “I wish I had been wrong”, if only that would have avoided the quagmire of this war and the horrible turmoil ahead for Afghanistan.

Article: Gangs offer aid as Haiti earthquake death toll crosses 2,200 (Al Jazeera)

Another tragedy unfolding in front of us. International aid is trickling through, and the earthquake struck just shortly after the assassination of the president.

Article: Five climate myths the world can finally retire (The Globe and Mail)

Alternate title for this article: I will not be humouring these bad faith arguments at any dinner table ever again.

Resource: Dear White Parents

It is undeniable that more and more pressure and responsibilities are being placed at the feet of parents.

But for al the additional pressures, please skip the Pinterest worthy cupcakes for the first day of school and focus your efforts on raising anti-racist kids. White parents need to talk to their children about the reality of racism, and allow for ongoing dialogue as their kids get older. Several organizations have worked together to compile resources for children of varying ages. It’s an excellent resource with compelling information.

White parents don’t want to talk about this because it will make their child sad, I don’t want my child to die. This is just not on the same level.

Podcast: The Real Book (99% Invisible)

This is such an interesting look at a piece of musical history!

Podcast: The Obesity Epidemic (Maintenance Phase)

This look at the obesity epidemic is personal, it’s based in science and it is not the story we’ve been sold.

Article: Incel’s Mass Shooting Foiled—Shooter Was “Aiming Big” with Goal of 3,000 Victims (Ms. Magazine)

It’s scarier and scarier being a woman. A mass shooter dreamed of killing at least 3000 women. This level of misogyny has penetrated so deep into the psyche of these young men, it is difficult to know what could bring them out.

Theatre: SEETHERED at Victoria Fringe Fest 2021

Coming back to the theatre is a daunting thing. I am honoured for one of my first shows back to have been SEETHERED. All at once it is personal, systemic, historical, and devastatingly real. How women’s personal health is regulated, downplayed, and denied all comes together in this compelling piece of theatre.

Brand Farewell: Enchanted Polish

Unfortunately due to medical issues, enchanted polish is closing it’s doors for the foreseeable future. I wish them all the best for good health.

Thank you for so many incredible favourite polishes!

Theatrical Rose

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