Mindfully Mine: 4 Looks, 1 Palette: Revolution Beauty’s Emily Edit – The Wants

Timely as ever, this post focuses on the Emily NoelxRevolution palette – “The Wants”. This was only one half of her collab, with another palette called The Needs containing bronzer, blush, powder, and eyeshadow. The Wants palette contains 24 eyeshadows and has a sturdy plastic casing, and contains a full sized mirror.

This collaboration was launched over three years ago, and did have some internet drama associated with it. It was unfortunate, and is still a top hit when you check out YouTube reviews of this palette.

I got my palette from Orabel, because I wasn’t able to readily find it in stores here. It now also appears to now be out of stock on the revolution website. You lucky Americans with access to Ulta shipping can find it there!

Full size to see the shade names

Look 1: Blue-sy Shimmer

Shadows used: Grateful, Corduroy, Oh Heavens!.

This look came together pretty easily – Corduroy, despite being impossible for me to spell, really blends out very nicely.

I had a bit of issues getting Grateful and Oh Heavens! to properly showcase their shimmer, but we got there in the end.

Look 2: Take on Purples

Shadows used: Belle Violet, The Cream, Dues Paid, Family

This one fought me every step of the way – Dues Paid especially didn’t blend nicely and then kind of just blended out of existence. Belle Violet applied really nicely with the tip of my finger.

Look 3: Red or Dead

Shadows used: Cupcake, Love Tons, Cheer, LaughCry

A new zit and my palette is upside down. I’m killing it.

There was a bit of patchiness on the outer edge of this look, but overall these colours were pretty easy going.

Look 4: Red or Dead II

Shadows used: Heartbeat, Cheer, Good Vibes

I don’t know why I thought these looks would come out dramatically different, but here we are.

Good Vibes came out especially nicely. I liked it a lot more than I thought I would!

My Thoughts: as someone who is really into bold, bright, over the top colours, this isn’t a palette designed for me. The majority of looks that I created were soft, subtle, and understated.

Even though this is not my preferred style, I can really see how a palette like this would appeal to anyone looking to create workplace appropriate looks, with a moderate range of colour styles.

I feel like this palette behaves quite well overall – with a few exceptions on some of the matte shadows. They know who they are.

Overall, I think this palette lends itself well to neutral and warm looks. The wear time is very nice and I had barely any issues with fallout.

The biggest missing piece in this palette is a few more bright shimmers. It would do well with a nice light champagne colour or something similar. Everything felt just a bit heavy and a little too same-same.

To Summarize: Considering the price point, after shipping and all that, this is a pretty good palette. Size-wise, it takes up almost the entirety of my palette drawer which makes basic functions like opening and closing said drawer… challenging.

If you’re into lovely, muted colours with a touch of shimmer, this would be a great fit for you!

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