Some Up: Aug 30-Sept 12

Hello friends! I took a quick break last week for a dear friend’s wedding, and it took me a minute to get back to real life. So here is a some up for the past two weeks.

Storytelling initiative: September 11th Initiative (StoryCorps)

On the 20th anniversary of September 11th, the voices and stories of those we lost need to be remembered. Whatever came after, this was a tragedy. Real lives cut short, and the pain of losing them must continue to this day.

Comic: What We Forget (The Nib)

This comic is a heavy but a long read.

Podcast Episode: Shadow Docket (What Trump Can Teach Us About Con Law)

If you’re feeling disheartened by the anti-abortion laws being put in place in Texas, this look at the constitutional law behind this mess will make your blood boil.

Article: UBC prof’s new book about health scams falls victim to scam on Amazon (CBC News)

What an unfortunate bit of irony!

Opinion Article: No matter the science, some COVID-deniers will never be convinced (St. Catherine’s Standard)

It’s not about facts, it is about what our hearts believe to be true.

Opinion: The Day Jason Kenney Lost Alberta (The Tyee)

What a boondoggle.

Article: I got breakthrough covid. It made me appreciate the vaccine more than ever (The Lily)

We’re not there. I wish, I wish we were. But we’re not there yet. But this comic is a reminder that the science is here to keep us as safe as we can be.

Long Form Podcast: The White Saviours (CanadaLand)

I think this is a very good podcast and it is an excellent primer on the issues with the WE Charity.

Resource: Charity Intelligence Canada

From the above, this is an excellent resource you can use to check in on the charities you may want to donate to.

Article: People Are Sobbing Over This Wholesome New Video From “Blue’s Clues” Steve (Buzzfeed)

I cried. It’s been a hard year, it’s ok to cry.

Fan site: Deep Space Nineties

We’re going full fan girl over here! Look at this awesome T-shirt!

Major Kira is my Hero!

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