Some up: Sept 13th-19th

Article: Officials wrapped the world’s largest tree in protective foil to guard it against California wildfires (CNN)

Our poor environment is struggling. I hope we can protect these majestic spaces.

Article: Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s dying wish: Not to have Donald Trump choose replacement (NBC News)

On the one year anniversary of RBG’s passing, let us not forget that the GOP released a statement that in the same breath sent underwhelming condolences to the family and also announced that they would find a replacement immediately. Which they did. With Amy Coney Barret. One week before the election.

Opinion: Ruth Bader Ginsburg Knew What to Do With Her Time (New York Times)

A look at the politics of retiring from the Supreme Court.

Article: Occupy Wall Street Did More Than You Think (The Atlantic)

It’s been a decade. We’re still talking about it.

Article: ‘Welcome to Cleveland’ Sign (Atlas Obscura)

What a playful bit of mischief!!!

Movie: Hunt for the Wilderpeople

I absolutely fell in love with this movie! There was just so much going on, so much heart, and so much growth in one movie. I loved it.

The poster image for the movie. A preteen boy in a hat and red and white jacket, then an older man witha beard and a hat and then a boar all facing to the right with the title of the movie above them.

Local Theatre: Broad Street Uprising (Victoria Fringe 2021)

I had no expectations going into this one, but I definitely enjoyed the storytelling, the live scoring, and the acting – really worth checking out!

It does have three more performances available (at time of writing), so jump on it!

An image of a girl  with a butterfly tattoo on her shoulder. She is holding a bloody knife. The words Broad Street Uprising is above her.

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