Some Up: Oct 18-24th

It’s been a busy week here – I am doing lots of work in my role as a CRD Arts Advisory council member which is incredibly interesting and fulfilling work, but is taking up a fair bit of my time.

Article: Who was Halyna Hutchins? Tributes paid to director of photography killed by prop gun (CNN)

A tragedy struck this week on the film shoot of the movie Rust. There has been significant speculation about the safety of the shoot and the qualifications of the armorer, but I don’t want to lose sight of the woman who lost her life just for trying to do something she loved. My sincere condolences to her family. Just tragic.

Article: The Pro-Choice Religious Community Could Be a Force to Be Reckoned With (Ms. Magazine)

This article reads a bit like a bit of misplaced optimism, but I so want it to be true. If the right can weaponize religious beliefs to enact anti-choice bills all across North America, why can’t we appeal to the morality of religious people to do the right thing and let women choose what is right for them?

Article: Little Amal in Britain: giant puppet of Syrian girl reaches her journey’s end (Guardian)

I love this beautiful work of art. Amal’s journey is heartwarming and has the potential to make people think about the refugee crisis on a human level.

Article: Something’s rotten in the state of the internet, and archivists are worried (CBC)

What an interesting challenge for internet archivists to deal with!

Article: Calgary’s new mayor-elect, Jyoti Gondek, in her own words (CBC)

My hometown elected their very first female mayor! Congratulations mayor Gondek!

Something to Buy: Picture Postage

I got my newest round of stamps this week! If you want your own, you can use the code Noel2021 until the end of December!

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