Some Up: Sept 12th-18th

Easing back into this with a few select items!

Video: What’s Eating Gilbert Grape? (Reel Fat Friends)

These two have really excellent insights into the intersectionalities of fat bodies, gender, class and wealth, and race and how these play out in the stories we see on film. Really excellent insights from this duo.

Article: How Librarians can Counter Lies from Book Banners (BookRiot)

The work of librarians has always been about connecting people with appropriate resources, and defending the community’s ability to access resources that are subversive or unpopular. PEN America found that almost 1200 books were targeted for removal in the last year. And in Canada, Freedom to Read week tracks hundreds of challenges in our own country.

The new role of librarianship is apparently to defend their collections from silent bans, to unending demands from right wing groups, all the while risking fines or jail time. Libraries and library staff are facing unprecedented attacks on literary freedoms, and somehow that just became part of the job?

As citizens in our community, we must pay attention to our local libraries, and advocating for their collections.

Article: The middle school boys thought their teacher was a ‘creep.’ So they tracked how he treated the girls (The Boston Globe)

This is how you behave as an ally! Listen and help create a safe environment.

Article: A Kansas Bookshop’s Fight with Amazon Is About More Than the Price of Books (The New Yorker)

I can’t believe the New Yorker had to explain that a 50cent margin on a book is not enough to keep a business alive. But seriously, I know it’s cheaper (although in Canada only marginally) to buy your books from Amazon. But please, please support your local book stores.

Podcast: The Bombshell (Killed)

New to my podcast rotation, the badly-named but thus far very interesting podcast Killed focuses on stories that were killed. This episode focuses on a GQ article about Putin and puts forth a damning picture of his rise.

An important aspect that Anderson touches on is that the sort of work that allowed him to uncover this Putin story is the type of work that is rapidly disappearing from news sources. Due to shrinking budgets, articles like this are not likely to get funded anymore.

You can read the GQ article here.

Article: A new ‘non-partisan’ slate in Victoria’s election has extensive ties to the People’s Party of Canada (Capital Daily)

I am so thankful we have a local news source that is willing to look into the background of our candidates running for office. Keep PPC out of our city – no to VIVA!

Nice Treat: Swirled No-Churn Thai Tea Ice Cream (Bon Appétit)

I skipped the peanuts, but this was an absolute delight! I got to use my new ice cream maker which was an added bonus!

A top down image of the no churn ice cream in the ice cream churner. I get the irony.

Makeup: Maybelline Superstay Vinyl Ink lipstick

This formula is not for everyone – it goes on shiny (and a little sticky), but dries down to a stain. I love this colour Witty, it’s perfect for fall.

My face wearing a mid tone purple lipstick, with a semi gloss.
Fall is here!

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