Some up: Sept 19th-25th

Information: The Capital Daily Candidate Database (Capital Daily)

We are three weeks from our municipal elections and I’m pretty out of the loop. I appreciate Capital Daily’s information roundup to get me started!

News: Something big is happening’: the Iranians risking everything to protest (The Guardian)

The news from Iran this week is on one hand, heartbreaking, but on the other, almost hopeful. The voices of women and men fighting to take back their country is amazing to see.

Podcast: Serial Season 1 (Serial)

With the release of Adnan Syed, it’s been interesting to go back to the beginning of serial and start my re-listen.

There is significant criticism about the Serial podcast, and I think a lot of it is valid. But Serial season 1 changed podcasting forever and made ubiquitous a new format of storytelling, something like a cross between longform journalism and editorialized history telling.

I am pretty unequivocal: this podcast is genre defining and absolutely worth a listen – it is not perfect by the comparison of what has been learned and produced since, but it asks so many of the right questions and is still an incredible listen.

Article: How to Change Minds? A Study Makes the Case for Talking It Out (New York Times)

I have been thinking a lot about the disconnect between people – how do we find our common ground again? How do we make in-roads with others?

I don’t think this article is the be all and end all, but it makes some good points.

“The study also revealed at least one factor that makes it harder to reach accord: a group member whose strident opinions drown out everyone else.”

Movie: Tombstone (1993)

I am TWENTY-NINE years late to the party but this movie was awesome!

Ok, maybe Val Kilmer’s performance stole the movie and that’s really what I’m talking about. But regardless, it’s worth a watch. Put your phone down: the visuals are stunning.

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