Incredible Women: Sophie Scholl

I was first introduced to Sophie Scholl though her words in this Zen Pencils comic.

Scholl’s legacy is that of a fierce resistance fighter who fought the nazis as part of the White Rose group. She was willing to give her life for the cause of anti-fascism. Her life was ended on February 22, 1943. She was 21 years old.

This group of young people spoke out against the nazi party through graffiti and leaflets, even before the world really knew the truth about the extent of the nazi’s hateful policies. The White Rose stood against fascism at immense personal risk to themselves.

What inspires me about Sophie Scholl’s story is the strength of this young woman in the face of a evil that swept the nation.

A black and white image of Sophie Scholl.
Image from the National WWII Museum

Wikipedia: Sophie Scholl

Zen Pencils: 108 – The Fire Within

Holocaust Encyclopedia: White Rose

The National World War Two Museum: Sophie Scholl and the White Rose

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