Some Up: Jan 18th – 24th

Another really rough week from this corner of the world. My aunt passed away. She was a warm woman who loved to be with her family. She lived in Slovakia, and my terrible Slovak meant I never got to connect with her as much as I wanted. It feels trite and simple to sum up her life in two lines. I hate that I have nothing more profound to say.

I’m sad for my family, I’m sad that grief and grieving is so alone, so isolated right now. This has been an incredibly difficult month.

I’m overwhelmed.

A two frame comic with a yellow background. The character says "ugh! What a day" in the first frame, and then "time to take a nap" in the second, as they leave the frame.
How I Feel Right Now

I’ve said before that I use this blog as a digital repository for my brain this week. So this week I’m scattered, this week I’m not able to address the big things with enough weight. This week I’m not doing great.

But this is what I’ve been reading this week.

Podcast: How can Canada Stop the Growth of Hate Groups? (The Big Story)

This was a bleak look at hate groups in this country. I don’t know if I agree with everything the guest said but I think it’s important to hear about the dangers facing Canada from white supremacists.

Longform Article: The American Abyss (The New York Times)

This long form article is exceptional – a thorough breakdown of how the 45th president and his yes men created a situation where this violence could arise.

Article: Indigenous filmmaker wants fines, jail time for ‘pretendians’ who misrepresent their identity (CBC News)

I had no idea of the controversy surrounding the Trickster series. This is an incredibly complex issue, and one of which that we should all be aware.

Article: Julie Payette: Canada governor general quits amid bullying claims (BBC News)

It is so incredibly disheartening to hear of this horrible work environment at our Governor General’s. The fact that she was reputed to have been involved in similar situations in past workplaces is beyond unacceptable.

In my opinion, Payette’s resignation letter did not appropriately acknowledge the hurt she caused by fostering the hostile environment for her staff.

Article: Fact check: No, impeachment itself would not ban Trump from a 2024 run (CNN)

I saw this post circulating and (full disclosure) I assumed it had been appropriately fact checked. This second impeachment does NOT ban Trump from another run in 2024. Good reminder for us not to take anything we see online at face value.

Article: Martin Luther King Jr. Was More Radical Than We Remember (Teen Vogue)

As we celebrated Martin Luther King, Jr. day earlier this week, it was important to take a moment to remember how much vitriol and hate was aimed at King Jr. during his life.

He wasn’t accepted by many white people, and King excoriated the lack of action by white people under the guise of maintaining order. He was a victim of a targeted campaign of hatred by the FBI, and even received letters from the FBI encouraging himself to end his life.

A text image of a tweet by Bernice King (Martin Luther King Jr's daughter). The text reads "Don't act like everyone loved my father. He was assassinated. A 1967 poll reflected that he was one of the most hated men in America. Most Hated. Many who quote him now and evoke him to deter justice today would likely hate, and may already hate, the authentic King. #MLK"

Podcast: Sister Helen (Criminal)

This is such an incredibly beautiful reflection on humanity and the value of a human soul. Difficult, important, and incredibly honest, this interview shares the work of sister Helen, a nun who witnesses the execution of prisoners on death row.

Podcast: The Frost Tapes: Frost/Biden

After four long years, we finally officially said goodbye to the 45th president, and welcomed president Biden. This interview with Biden during his first run was particularly interesting to listen to.

Good News: Changes to Organ and Tissue Donation – Nova Scotia

Nova Scotia has taken the important move of implementing an opt-out system for organ and tissue donation (with exceptions for those who may be vulnerable).

Because so many people don’t discuss their wishes with their family or register with the appropriate organization, potential donors are missed.

If you live in BC and want to ensure that your wishes for your organs and tissues are honoured after death, register here.

Movie: Sorry to Bother You

I just saw this movie this morning – and I thought it was absolutely incredible. As a heads up to potential viewers: it does fully earn it’s R rating, with language and nudity, but it’s worth it for this incredible bit of storytelling.

It tells an important story without falling into tropes, and uses visual and audio editing in incredibly new and exciting ways. It’s currently available on Netflix Canada.

A screenshot of the title screen of the film - the "words sorry to bother you" on a black background.

Article: Sea Shanties Are Now Trending on TikTok: See the Best Videos (Billboard)

I love this sea shanty trend!

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