Some Up: Feb 8th – 14th

Article: Republican Acquittal of Trump Is a Pivotal Moment for the Party (New York Times)

Only seven republicans voted to impeach Trump for his seditious words. Only seven republicans felt as though whipping the crowds into a fury, leading ultimately to the storming of the capitol, was worth censure. Trump has brought out the absolute worst in the country, and I fear our world is irreparably damaged. By choosing to do nothing, these republicans are complicit in the past and future damage done by Trump’s hateful words.

Article: The ‘Friday’ music video went viral 10 years ago. Rebecca Black has spent the last decade recovering (The Lily)

It’s hard to remember that Rebecca Black was so, so young when all this happened to her. She was trashed by every comedian and internet armchair expert, but she didn’t write the song, she just wanted to have a fun time and make a music video. Maybe the takeaway here is to not destroy very young girls when they want to have a bit of fun.

Article: Fears for Polish Holocaust research as historians ordered to apologise (The Guardian)

This is terrifying. Specifically: “Poland’s ruling nationalist Law and Justice party (PiS) party has said it views allegations of Polish complicity as dishonouring the country.”

Further reading here.

Podcast: Why one MP wants companies like Bell to pay back COVID-19 subsidy (CBC Frontburner)

I am so exhausted of pretending to be surprised when corporations ignore the intentions behind these programs and turn them around to make their shareholders more wealthy.

Article: Men Have No Friends and Women Bear the Burden (Harper’s Bazaar)

This somewhat older article came into my world this week, and I think it has an important core idea: how can we encourage men to foster deep, emotional relationships outside the ones with their intimate partners?

Comic: The Line (The Nib)

We’re all exhausted with covid lockdowns. That doesn’t mean it is time to let up.

YouTube: ObGyn Reacts to Vagisil’s PROBLEMATIC Teen Marketing (MamaDoctorJones)

Mama Doctor Jones and her pals are all coming together to tell Vagisil to get their act together.

Important takeaways here: A) stop marketing highly irritating projects to teen girls as “necessary” and B) if you sell projects that are intended for use in the genital area, learn the correct names for these body parts – the “external vagina” is not a thing.

Instagram Reel: A story of my life (mybakaichik)

Me too friend, me too.

Article: Vancouver is getting an outdoor festival of augmented-reality art (CBC)


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